Xiaomi’s New battery Technology Feature will Boosts Extra Battery Life of 100 minutes

Xiaomi has unveiled a brand new battery technology that’s said to boost the battery life of its smartphones by 100 minutes. It is reported that the Chinese smartphone maker announced the information on Weibo it said that the R&D team is developing this technology and that it may be available in its smartphones as soon possibly next year. Xiaomi claims that , with the help of this innovative technology, it was successful in increasing the silicon content in the battery around three times, which means greater capacity storage.

As a result of the adoption of this technology, Xiaomi phones will have an additional 10 percent mAh battery , without expanding the size of the battery. The additional power will give 100 minutes of additional running time in just one charge. Packaging technology has changed to improve the efficiency of space. The report indicates that Xiaomi has tilted its PCM (protection circuit module) in 90 degrees instead of the standard position. This could aid the manufacturer of smartphones in saving some space.

Xiaomi has also fitted the battery with fuel gauge technology which relies on the latest algorithms for to improve safety and extend the life length of the cells when it monitors charging over the course of the night. This minimizes the damage caused to the battery by an overcharged condition when the phone is connected over a long period of time. In addition the battery pack be equipped with additional sensors that regulate the temperature of the battery and ensure the battery isn’t overheated.

The first mass-produced battery like this will be available sometime in the second quarter of the year. We can anticipate Xiaomi to reveal more information regarding this battery technology as the official launch draws near.

It’s definitely a step forward in the right direction however. Batteries have been a major issue for many smartphone makers in the past two or three years. But, very little innovation has been implemented in this area. Companies either expand the size of their battery pack to provide greater power, or employ rapid charging technology to attract buyers.

With Xiaomi striving to provide more battery backup with the same size of pack other companies might be forced to reconsider their strategies.

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