Xiaomi 12 series Release Announcement Has Done- Coming Very Soon

Xiaomi 12 series has been confirmed to be launched in China on the 28th of December. In advance of the launch, a teaser featuring images of two of the phones in the new flagship series was released by Xiaomi. The image showcases the style that will be featured on the Xiaomi 12 as well as Xiaomi 12 Pro. Additionally, Xiaomi 12 Pro has been seen on the Geekbench benchmarking site, which gives hints about its main specifications. It’s believed to have the recently revealed Snapdragon 8Gen 1 processor.

Xiaomi has revealed that today, the 28th of December as the official an announcement date for the 12 series. They then followed it up with more details, including that only two flagships show up.

The phones will sport slightly curving screens on one side, which contrasts with the earlier information about curving displays on all four sides. That means that they’re likely to be to be the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro.

Both will feature an Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip, and some performance highlights were revealed in an additional Weibo blog article. The hype around the brand new Qualcomm platform is present at Xiaomi headquarters, but the actual outcomes are the most important thing for consumers.

Xiaomi 12 Pro, on its side, sports larger display, and its left side is blank. It’s safe to say that both phones will feature identical buttons and frames. The selfie camera is placed in a central hole-punch cutout. The top and bottom of both smartphones aren’t visible.

In Geekbench, Xiaomi 12 Pro scored an impressive 1 224 points in single-core tests and 3,823 points in tests with a single and multi-core and multi-core tests, respectively. The Geekbench listing indicates that the phone comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8-Gen 1 SoC, which was already verified as the main processor in Xiaomi 12 Pro. Additionally the Geekbench listing indicates that the new flagship phone will have the capacity of 12GB RAM. It will be running Android 12.3 and MIUI 13.3 from the beginning.

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