Worried? How to Solve Windows 11 Download Pending Error ? Solution Is Here-

Windows 11 is widely rolling out to PC users of all kinds and if you’re among those who have received the announcement in the past, you are probably waiting with anticipation. But, Windows 11 comes with some issues of its own including an issue that blocks users from being able to download it. It could be a possible error in Windows 10.

But it is true that it is true that the “Windows 11 download pending” problem is common among existing PC users. Despite restarting your computer several times or in the attempt of refreshing your browser however, the download usually does not start. What do you do? Do you want to give up the idea that is Windows 11?

Absolutely no! You can follow the below steps to begin to begin the download from Windows 11 on your Windows 10 PC. You don’t have to be a computer genius to accomplish this anybody can be rid of the issue.

Windows 11 download pending: How do I get rid of the error

Note the fact that Windows 10 downloads it updates in an additional folder located on your C drive. Despite an error during the download however, the OS doesn’t alter its download route, or even know how to eliminate the corrupted file. Therefore, you’ll need to manually clean of the damaged download file in order to let Windows 10 re-download the file in a new way.

– Launch “This PC”, then navigate on to Local Disk C > Windows > Software Distribution > Download.

In this case, you have to remove the folders and files you’ve seen here.

Once the file is deleted Close the window and then restart your PC.

Now, open the Start menu, and enter “Updates”, then click on the Windows Update option.

If you do, you should see the Windows 11 update available for download. If not, click check it out by clicking “Check for Updates”.

– Windows 11 Update will now begin downloading. After downloading it will install in the background, and then ask for a restart in order to boot onto Windows 11.

Note that once you launch Windows 11, you don’t have to configure anything. All of your Windows 10 settings will be transferred to.

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