World’s Most Useless Websites And Pointless Websitess On The Internet

These days almost everyone uses internet and the number of websites out there is increasing day by day. There are different kind of websites out there which you can visit either to learn something, watch movies/TV, sports or social networking sites like Facebook. Well definitely there are different kind of websites out there but do you know that there are some useless and pointless websites out there too. Yes, there are some websites out there who does not do any kind of work nor they offer any services. If you will visit them, then you can pass time on them looking at what they do and sometimes doing as they say. Though internet is for learning but there comes many times when you want to pass your time or want to have a break from work. In that case you can use these most useless websites on the internet.


If you don’t know about such sites, then don’t worry as here in this post we are going to tell you about them. When you will visit these top best useless websites 2018, then you will laugh for sure. Very few people out there knows about them or have used them but they are definitely worth visiting. We have also seen many people searching on Google for useless websites ,take me to a useless website, the useless web, pointless websites, world’s most useless websites, useless websites game, to waste time on, in that case also you can consider using these websites. Another thing to note here is that some of the websites are really interesting and makes you do movements or tasks in order to use them.

These websites is perfect place to go when you want two-minute break from work, studies, and any other important task you’re bored of doing. Most of the websites are user-friendly, so you can also use them at your work too. So stop using Facebook, YouTube and other websites which just eats a lot of your time, and start using below mentioned most meaningless websites to use.

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Top Best Useless Websites and Meaningless Websites To Use 2018

Falling Guy

Falling Guy is a simple and easy to use website to pass your time on. This website shows you a little guy right in the middle of the screen, and you just have to scroll on the page to get him up or down. Do note that this website have endless pit where when you will scroll up then then little guy will keep going high in the sky.

If you will scroll down, then the little guy will keep falling down in the earth surface. Whenever you scroll up or down on this website then your drop score will be shown in the bottom right corner of the screen along with total drop the little guy have got till now.

Toilet Paper

You might have used or seen toilet paper in real life, but this website lets you use toilet paper from your computer. Well, this website doesn’t do anything special but shows a toilet paper roll when you will visit it. All you can do on this website is to pull out the toilet paper from the roll and finish it as soon as you want.

If you are looking for best useless websites to waste your time, then you can’t find any better website than this. Another good thing is that you can also use this website to keep your kids busy by playing with the toilet paper roll for long hours.

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Into Time

Into Time is a very unique and quite different kind of website from other useless websites of this list. This is a very colourful website which shows different colour patterns continuously and whenever you click on the screen, it makes partition of that area. This website will take you to the world of colours and it also relaxes your eyes.

Well, if you will keep clicking on this website, then it will keep creating partitions of those colours, and hence you will spend a lot of time on this. This is one of the most meaningless websites on the internet available right now to pass time.


As the name says, this website have a toad which is hypnotised. This is a one page website where a toad is the main attraction. It will show you a hypnotised toad whose eyes shows waves of colour as well. You can visit this pointless website to pass your time by looking at the hypnotised toad for as long as you want.

Moreover this website also plays a hypnotised kind of sound which may make your uncomfortable at some times. So if you want to prank someone or want to pass you time by using most useless websites on the internet, then this website is for you.

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Eel Slap

Well if you are frustrated with someone or something and want to get your frustration out, then this website can be helpful to you. When you will visit this website then you will get a man face whom you can slap unlimited number of times using your mouse.

The unique thing here is that the slap will not be with the hands, but with an eel fish. All you have to do is to move your mouse over the man’s face to slap him with the eel fish. Doing this is funny, and you can get your frustration out using this website.

Rock Paper Scissors

Well, you might have played rock-paper-scissors game in real life a lot of the time. This is one of the most popular game around the world and its fun too. Well, this website is where you can play rock-paper-scissors online without worrying about the partner to play with.

When you will visit this website, then you will have to click either on rock, paper or scissors to select that as you choice. Then randomly this website will make its choice and show you the result. If you are looking for pointless fun websites then you can visit this website.

Virtual Bubble Wrap

You might have burst bubbles from the bubble wrap sheet before, and loved it. Everyone loves doing that, and with this website you can have the same felling right on your computer or laptop. When you will visit this website, then you will be shown a bubble wrap sheet where you just have to click the bubbles with your mouse to burst them.

Well, this is one of the best funny useless websites which you can use to pass your time. If you are looking for world’s most useless websites to kill your time or even to feel relaxed, then you can use it.

Licking Puppy

Everyone loves puppies, and if you love them too this website can be useful for you. When you will visit this website then you will be greeted with a pug puppy licking your screen from the other side. By using this website you can clam yourself, and feel relaxed if you are having some tough time.

If you have some dogs in your home or office, then you can open this website and show them the screen. It will be a fun website for you to pass time on and for your pets too as they will get distracted from other things, watching this puppy licking your screen.

Popo Popcorn

Who doesn’t like popcorn? Well everyone does. If you love popcorns, then you can visit this website to watch them pop out of the popcorn making machine. This is one of the most popular meaningless websites on internet which have just a popcorn making machine and popcorns being popped out of it and falling on your screen.

You can also use this website as your screensaver in parties or birthday events to make it engage with the environment by going full screen. This is a perfect site to pass your time on and the best thing is that it also makes background sound to give you best experience.

Koalas To The Max

If you love Koala, then you love this website too. Well, when you will visit this website then you will see a single round circle dot on the page, you just have to hover your mouse on the dot. When you will do it, then the do will be segregated into four more dots.

You have to keep hovering your mouse over each dots which gets segregated from dots till an image of Koala is formed. The site is a fun provider and extremely interesting side by side. Well, this is a working pointless websites 2018 and you can pass your time hovering mouse over dots and finally creating an image of Koala.

Final Words

If you have never came across these kind of most useless websites on the internet then visit them once. It doesn’t matter if you want to pass your time to looking for useless websites for games, as there are some websites with games. If you are feeling bored, or want to make someone laugh, then these world’s most useless websites will help you. Another good thing about them is that they are free to use and you don’t have to register or sign up on them to use them.

Do note that some websites may ask you to enter your basic information like name, or age which is required to make website for certain function to work. Beware about fake sites and use above mentioned useless websites 2018 only. Though there might be many more such useless websites available over the internet and if you haves them then do let us know about them via comments below.

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