What To Do When Windows Update Gets Stuck

Windows getting stuck while going for updates has been an issue to lots of PC users. Speaking of the updates of the windows of a computer, the OS get updates time to time in an automatic mode on a regular time whenever the updates are available. Even the latest updates files of the window OS bring many new features along it. Also fix and solves the bugs and at many times but most of the time the windows update gets frozen. What to do When Windows Update Gets Stuck? We have come up with all the solution that you need to know in details.


Before we go into further details it is important to know about the possibilities reasons behind the error. The freezing or stuck of the windows update may happen while installing a service pack. It can also occur due to performing the multiple windows updates. And to get rid of the windows update stuck problem keep on reading till the end.

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Solutions to fix and Do When Windows Update Gets Stuck:

Solution 1: Fix by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key

To fix the windows stuck you have to press on the “Ctrl+ Alt + Delete” button by once. It will allow you get the access into the login screen of the windows. At the time when the windows update is stuck into the middle. The process of the installation will continue into the background right after you log into windows too.

In case, you have already completed the installation you can confirm it. By going into the start menu, you can check for the “update and shut down” option.

Solution 2: Fix by Restarting

Have you noticed a pop-up screen on your PC where it says “do not turn off your computer”? And when your windows get stuck or freeze you will get no any option else. Your computer screen will remain as it is. In this situation, you can choose to restart your computer or select the reset switch option. To do that, simply press on the power button and then hold it for like 10 seconds. And wait for the device to get turned off and will get turned on automatically. Suppose you get the access of the login screen, then you have to check on the power option from the menu. And then choose to update and restart to shut down your PC.

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Solution 3: Fix the Windows Update Stuck in a Safe Mode

Choose to fix the windows update error by selecting boot in a safe mode. To perform it you will have to hold on for like 10 minutes until your computer get turned off.  Choose the “safe boot” menu option by using the up or down arrow keys into your computer keyboard. And likewise you can boot your computer into a safe mode. After that check on the status of the windows update and then start your windows into normal mode. Select this option when you are navigated into the advance boot or for setting the startup settings.

Solution 4: Fix the Windows Update Stuck by Restoring the Device

Just in case none of the above mentioned solution did not work out to fix the windows update error. Then you must choose the system restore option and this might take you to the device settings, right before the changes of the windows update. To set the restore mode on your computer, you will have to boot your computer back into a “safe mode”. And choose the last restore point that is just right before the “windows update” & “Restore the device”.

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Solution 5: Fix the Windows Update Stuck by checking the device configuration

Configuration is one of the problems that are behind the windows update stuck errors. You see anyone who is using a device that is running more than 6 years. These computers are not usually compatible for the windows update. So what you have to do is check on the RAM and then look for the updated BIOS and others.

Solution 6: Fix the windows Update Stuck by Reinstalling the Windows

Still you are not able to get a solution, and then you can reinstall the SO on your computer. Also you can install the OS from an external device like pen drive, DVD and lots more. Make sure to choose the right drive to install the windows.


Here you have learned what to Do When Windows Gets Stuck. Fix these errors by simply following the above mentioned as we have provided several solutions. But always remember that while installing the windows again may erase all the available unstable software from your computer. And it will also clean up the data store on any particular device. The possibilities of the windows getting stuck can happen by preparing the configuration of windows or while working on updates.

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