Windows Has Stopped This Device Because it Has Reported Problems (Code 43) [Solved]

Are you a Windows user and getting the Error Code 43 on your Computer? Relax and no need to get tensed while you get this error code 43 or the message windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. This error or problem arises while you device manager is not working properly and it does not identify or detect your hardware devices successfully. This happens due to the failure of the hardware devices or due to the device driver fails. When anybody see this error it really look likes a major issue. But the problem is not so very hard to solve. Any Windows users can easily solve this type of error by sitting in front of their PC.


So in this topic we are going to discuss about the solutions through which you can solve this error in your PC. There are primary some solutions are there which you can try at first to fix this error. If it is still not working then you can definitely go for the advanced steps to solve this error problem. But it is sure that you can get reach out from this problem as it is a very temporary issue. So here we are going to start discussing about the solution to fix this error.

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Solutions to fix Windows have stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43):

So here you have reached to the destination from where you can get the proper solution to fix up the Error Code 43 problem in your Window PC. Go through the points of solutions mentioned below and do the same on your Windows PC to solve the error. This error can be arises in any version of Windows like Win 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc. The solution is also common for all the versions too. But sometimes drivers remain different in various PC depending on the hardware.

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Solution 1: Device ManagerInitially you need to open the Device Manager of your PC. To open the device manager you need to click on Start button and search by typing “device manager” or you can open control panel and directly search for “device manager”. Click on the option of device manager and thus the window to manage you whole system hardware will open. Otherwise open the RUN window and type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter. From the list you need to select the specified hardware or device which is not working in your PC and you are getting the error code 43. Select the device and right click on it and you will get one dialogue box. Now you need to select the Uninstall option to uninstall the device driver. After that, you click on the Scan for hardware changes on the top bar menu. Then the system will automatically scan to re install the device. Otherwise you can re install the device driver from the source provided while you purchase the new PC.

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Solution 2: RestartOnce you can restart your PC to check that the problem has been solved or not. The Error code 43 arises while there is some temporary fault may occur in your PC. So if you not done with the restart process then do it once and it may solve the error with your device driver and hardware as well.

Solution 3: System RestoreNow you need to perform this step name System restore process. Hope some of you know about this method. If not, then open the control panel or search in the Start menu with the name Restore your computer to an earlier time. Click on this option and follow the on screen guide to step forward for completing the process. In this solution the device driver may roll back again and get reset with your hardware. That’s it now the system will restart after completing the restoration process.

Solution 4: Update Device Driver – All the hardware attached to your system is run on the basis of some of the background drivers. On the step 1 we already discussed that where you will get the device drivers.  So once if you will update the drivers of the defected hardware by connect your PC to internet or by automatically search it in your PC (to perform this step right click on the hardware driver and choose for updates). This will solve the problem from showing Error code 43 while running the hardware device.

Solution 5: Install Windows Service PackSometimes this error occurs due to the out dated version of Windows Service pack remains installed in your PC. One up to date latest Microsoft Patch or Service pack can solve this error on your PC.

Solution 6: Update BIOS Sometime if your system BIOS remain out dated it may cause the problem in your device drivers. In this case you will get the error 43 that Windows has stopped the device from working.

Solution 7: Change USB devicesIf you are getting with your removable devices like with USB cable, pen drive, etc. then once change the devices or take new one and re connect it.

Solution 8: Replace HardwareIf you are done with all the above steps and still your windows has problem with the system hardware then just take your PC to any Computer professionals and replace the preferred hardware unit. This is the last try which you need to follow after the failure of the above all steps.

Final word

So these are all the possible solutions which you may try while you get the error code 43 on your USB devices or any device hardware and driver in your PC. After the application of this solution it is sure that your problem with solve accordingly. This is a generally temporary small problem which does not require replacing any computer parts at initial time. So when you will get the warning that “Windows has stopped this device because it reported problems” at that time try to start applying this solution steps. Hope you all are satisfied with the guidelines which we have discussed on the above context here.

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