10 Smart Way To Fix Windows 10 Start Button Not Working Error

Since, the releases of the windows 10 the users have witnessed several types of problems. The major problem that we get to face is windows 10 start button not working. This problem has occurred since the windows get updated introducing new features and look into it. Not only there are also many other problems that is found out in the update version of windows 10. Few of the errors that take place are such as locked PC and troubleshooting. But what causes more irritating is when the start button stops working on your computer. If you seek to get rid from such kind of windows errors then here we are providing solution for you.


It becomes irritating to every PC users when they come across windows start or menu stops working. Even though windows 10 bring lots of exciting features along with it but it gets stuck and creates many more issues. So, if you experiencing such problems then there is nothing to be worried as it can be fixed. All you have to do is apply the solution that is provided below.

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Windows 10 updates:

Recently, Microsoft has come up with a recent file updates of the Windows 10 that is on 10th October, 2017. The name of the updated file version is call “fall creators update” which has a ton of features. Here we have made a list of the features do check them out.

  • Simply copy and paste anything in almost anywhere. The cloud-powered clipboard gives you the access to copy and paste text in any selected Android device.
  • The story remix feature will guide you to search inspiration. And also discover several ways for creating creative stories.
  • Window timeline let you comfortably jump into the time back at the place you leave.
  • By the end of the year 2017, it is likely that you will be seeing iTunes into the store of windows.
  • Microsoft has introduced to you the most fluent design system.
  • More privacy, improved storage sense, edge which is more edgier.
  • You can make communication and share files with MyPeople.
  • Set to pin the websites into your taskbar and also pick the place where you have left.

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Solutions of Windows 10 start Button Not Working:

Solution 1: Create New User Account:

In case, you are using the Microsoft Account you will have to transfer the files into the new account. And not even a single files or software will not be deleted or uninstalled.  Follow the steps that are given below in step wise.

  • First Step: First, launch the task manager on your computer.

  • Second Step: Into the task manager you will have to Opt “Run new task” from the file menu option.

  • Third Step: Now choose “VCreate” task option along with the administrative privileges.
  • Fourth Step: Enter “new user name” and “new password”, without leaving any space.
  • Fifth Step: After that you will have to do login in “New Account”. And then restart your computer.

By this time, windows start button will start working. After replacing the local account into Microsoft account, you can now transfer all the available data.

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Solution 2: Repair The Corrupted Window Files By Checking:

It is common that the Windows get corrupted and this causes problems in your computer. One of the problems that we get to see is windows start button getting stuck. And there is good news as windows 10 comes with built-in features to deal with tis error.

  • First Step: Hold “Ctrl+Alt+Del” key to open the task manager on your computer screen.
  • Second Step: Now you will have to select the file option from the task manager. After that click on Run new task.

  • Third Step: Into the dialogue box of create new task, enter powershell. Tick on the box below and click OK.

  • Fourth Step: Now you will have to enter “sfc” or “scannow” as show in the screenshot below. After that you are likely to receive three results and these are integrity violations, windows resource protection and repaired them. This result simply means that there are no corrupted files that are found.

And when the windows shows you “windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some or all of them, this means that there is problem in your windows 10. At this condition, into the powershell you will need to type or copy or paste “DSIM or Online or Cleanup-Image or Restore Health.

After that hit the enter key on your keyboard, now files will start to get downloaded from the windows update. In the process, the corrupted files in the windows will be replaced and it will take some moment to complete the process.

Solution 3: Fix the problems by Refreshing Your Computer

You can fix the start button issues in your computer by following the instruction that is given below. Note, if there is any app running in the windows then close it before you start applying this solution.

  • First Step: At first, hold the “windows + L” key once at a time. It will log out your current windows account that you are using.

  • Second Step: Into the window of login, you will have to select the power button by clicking on it.
  • Third Step: After that press the “Shift” key and then choose restart button.
  • Fourth Step: when you notice “Choose an option” on your computer screen. Simply click on Troubleshoot option to Reset your PC or see advanced options.

  • Fifth Step: Into the troubleshoot option screen, you will have to choose “Reset this PC”.

  • Sixth Step: In the next screen, you will see “Reset this PC” and select keep my files to remove apps and settings, but keeps your personal files.

If this solution, does not fix you to the problem then you can try out many other method that is described in below.

Solution 5: Install Driver easy to fix the start button errors

If you are still facing the start menu problem on your windows 10, then you must try to fix your problem by updating the drivers of your device. We recommend you to download and install the drive from the official website manufacturer of the computer. The other option is download driver through Device Manager.

And if you are running out of time or idea to go for the manual update of the driver file downloads. If it is then you can go for the automatic option. After that the updated version set up file of the driver easy will be downloaded on your computer.

It is completely safe and easy to download the Driver easy on the system of your PC. Below are the instructions that you need to follow to download and install the driver.

  • First Step: The first thing you need to do is by click on this link. And then the .exe file set will get downloaded on your computer.
  • Second Step: Now you will have to install the Driver Easy into your system. And when it is complete perform scan by clicking on Scan Now button.

  • Third Step: After that, Driver Easy will start scanning your PC. And if there is any problem the software will detect the problems right away.
  • Fourth Step: And then, you will have to click on the “Update” option for performing the automatic file downloads of the driver. Also it will install the compatible driver version file on the free version of the Driver Easy.

  • Fifth Step: There is another option and that is click on the “Update All” option for performing automatic file download. And then install the right driver version into your computer system in case there is a driver missing or is an outdated version.

For this, you will need the Diver Easy pro version. Buy it by clicking on this link. And in the pro version you will be requested for upgrading just click on “Update All”.

  • Solution 6:Fix Windows Stuck Problem By Running Windows Update

When you are having trouble with the windows start button of not functioning properly? In that case, you can fix the errors by applying these steps.

  • First Step: open the settings into your PC.
  • Second Step: And then go for the “Update & Security” for the windows update.   

  • Third Step: Into the next page, you will have to click on “Check for updates”. And if there is an update available continue and wait until it is done.

In this way, you have successfully fix updated your windows 10 and fixed the start button not working problem.

Solution 7: Fix be Re-installing all the windows Application

You can fix the windows start button errors by downloading and installing the application of windows 10 on your PC. And this solution might cause some apps to stop working so think before you fix with solution.

  • First Step: To re-install the windows applications you will have to open the task manager. After that launch “new PowerShell window”.
  • Second Step: After that, when the dialogue box of “PowerShell” gets pops-up you have to copy the line that is provided below.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Paste it on the dialogue box of the PowerShell with right-click on your mouse on PowerShell window. C:WINDOWS\system32>prompt by hitting the Ctrl + V at the same time.

And then you will have to wait for a moment till the download and installation of the application are finished. Avoid any text in red color and then restart your computer.

Solution 8: Set the Start Button Menu into Full Screen Mode

We are talking about the windows start button getting stuck in PC. It can be actually fixed with slight changes and we will talk about that and provide you solution.

  • First Step: At first, click on “window + i” key once at a time. And then into the windows settings screen.

  • Second Step: You have to click on the personalization icon and will be taken into the next screen. In there, simply click on the start button and choose switch the on button at “Use Start full screen”.

After that, click on the start button and see whether the problem is solved or not. And then the start menu will appear into full screen mode. In this way, you have successfully fixed the windows start menu not working problem.

Solution 9: Fix the problem by deleting Corrupted AppLocker

Yes, you can fix the start button problem in your windows by deleting the corrupted AppLocker.

  • First Step: In the first place, perform right click on your mouse on the start button. And then it will run the “Command Prompt” as administration.
  • Second Step: Now enter command “ren%windir%system32\AppLocker\Plugin*.* *.bak
  • Third Step: After that you will have to restart windows.

Solution 10: Fix Problem By Creating New Account of Local Admin

You are still having issues with the start button in your windows 10. Then try fixing it by creating new account of local admin. In the meantime this solution will fix any problem related with Cortana on your computer.

  • First Step: Go to the icon of the start menu option and then click on it.
  • Second Step: After that, click on the “settings” option to launch the application.
  • Third Step: And then choose “Accounts”, “Family & other users”

  • Fourth Step: Into the next step, select the option “Add someone” else on this computer.
  • Fifth Step: After that choose the option “I don’t have this person sign-in information”. And then you will be asked to Add a username in the place of Microsoft Account.

  • Sixth Step: Now provide a “user name”, password and click on the Next. After that click on Finish button.

And when it is complete, you will have to set your new account as administrator account.


We expect from you that by this you have learnt all the solutions that are provided above. So, if you are having troubles with the windows 10 start button not working then you must try any of these solutions. By now you have learnt that the widows start menu getting freeze is a temporary problem. It can be fixed and solved by the effective steps being taken.

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