How To Find A Song By Lyrics (What Song is This?)

Music is a part of our life. In fact, in every face of life if we are happy we hear songs and even if we are depressed we still do hear songs. This is the nature of human being. Even while you are working on your laptop, you can definitely listen to your favorite songs. But suppose if you don’t have the perfect songs that you want to listen today. What are you going to do? You just know only few lines of the lyrics. Never worry as we have some ways to find a song by lyrics or the name/title of a song by lyrics (what song is this).


If you can just remember few lines then easily you can get the songs. We know that you know the song quite well but something is obstructing to remember you the full songs or from which band or album has the song taken. If you are confused with the song then simple go On your Google search engine and then type few lines of the song. Immediately, Google will provide you some results and in case if you need the YouTube videos then Google will even provide that information too. Have a look below to find more about it.

How To Find A Song By Lyrics (What Song is This?)

Sometimes Google Search also does not work in proper which makes unable to response to the lyrics of your choice. So in that situation, you need to go to some sites which we will be discussing few of them in details.


It is the first and foremost site to found out a song or the name of the song by lyrics. In fact, this is the first dedicated website which was founded in December 2002. In this website, you will get more than 1 million songs which were performed by over 16,000 artists.  The interface of the website looks very simple but pretty that gives you information regarding the songs that you are searching with the help of lyrics. The most interesting thing about the website is, you can not only search lyrics with the help of search bar but also search songs with the help of album names, artists, song name etc. There may come lots of moment when you totally forgot the song name and its album name just simply click few lines of the lyrics of song and hit the search button. When you browse on the search bar, you will get the exact song that you are searching for but even the close match lyrics are also shown. Overall, this is an excellent site to track the songs that you wish to listen.


This is no better than MetroLyrics but this site is also a competitor of finding a song or the title of a song by lyrics. The good thing about this site is you get the lyrics as well as you can listen to the song. Both the work you can perform together. Below we have provided lyrics of a song where you can read the lyrics as well as listen to it. Even if you don’t have any apps on your mobile phone still this site will help you to listen to your favorite one song with lyrics. However, to listen to your song, you neither need a sign up nor any hidden cost. All the songs are for free but you will be in need of proper internet connection. You can search song results with various genres that include artist, album, song title, lyrics, and the exact match.


AZLyrics is a place where your entire search ends. Here you can search and find a song or the name of a song by lyrics phrase. In this website, request for lyrics or submit for lyrics and music videos, soundtracks everything can be available here. Although, the website layout looks simple but this simple website has A to Z songs collection with lyrics. All you need to do is type the name of the lyrics in the search bar and get your song lyrics within no time. Also, scroll down below in the website to find out What’s Hot songs are there.

Yahoo Music Lyrics:

With the help of this website, you can surf the internet to find out the songs that you wish to listen. In the search bar, type few lines of the songs that you remember and get the song within no time. Not only the exact match but even the close match lyrics songs will be listed below in the website. Apart from that, in this website, easily you can get the songs that you wish to listen as well as print that song out. Apart from that you can search for the songs in different ways like music title, song name, artist name etc. You can also find a song’s video as well.


The next that ranks in #4 positions is LyricsMode. With collections of songs by lyrics this site has got good features. From A to Z all songs are available here; all you need is type just few lines of the songs and you are in the process to listen to your favorite songs. However, you will find some ads here which can be tackled easily. You can also submit new lyrics if you wish to do that. Other than the ads, this site has an incredible interface.

Although given at the last but it is the best sites to find a song or the name/title of a song by lyrics. Here you will get a huge collection of lyrics and its songs from different artists. Further, right beside the home page you will see new releases and collections will be given. A search bar inhabits at the top of the home page, just simply type the name of the song lyrics and just tune it with your song. Even videos are also available to scream and shout along with the songs and lyrics. Out of any other sites, we hope that this site is better than the best. The website interface also looks beautiful and here you get all types of songs easily.


With some available websites, now you can find a song or the name/title of a song by lyrics. Before, it was very difficult to find out a song if you have forgotten the song name or title. But, now with some lyrics site, you can easily find the songs of your favorite easily. And that also within no seconds, listen to the song, read the lyrics and then watch videos to shout and dance. Either you needed short lines of the lyrics to remember the song or you need to know its song title. So, with no sign up process get the song lyrics in a very short period of time.

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