Want to track Apple AirTags With Your Android Phone ? Here Is The Solution.

Tracking devices have become more popular after Apple’s AirTags was launched earlier this year. They’re like Trackers that use tiles and the concept is easy to understand You can connect them onto your Apple account and it’ll utilize the Apple Find My network to find it. So long as you have an AirTag is within close proximity to an iPhone and you’re close enough, you’ll find the location of it. It’s not even necessary to have an iPhone for this now since Apple has made available an official app to track the AirTags of Android devices. There’s one important restriction, however.

Tracker The HTML0 Tracker is among a few Apple applications that are that is available on Android and is a part of Apple Music as well as the Beats app and an application that allows you to move to iOS. It can be used to monitor nearby AirTags that have been rogue or, if you wish to locate the one you’ve found, utilize the app to play an audio on the. After that, you’ll be able to use the app to either locate the AirTag by using NFC or deactivate the device by dismantling the battery.

While it’s cool however, it’s very basic in its functionality. It’s not auto-scan-ready, which means you have to activate the app to look for a tag. Additionally, it won’t notify you of lost AirTags that are nearby, as you do on an iPhone. It’s possible to argue that this is what makes the Tracker Detect app somewhat useless since a large majority of users in the reviews section are in agreement that the app should capable of auto-scan. The manual scanning of AirTags that comes all around you every five minutes isn’t the most efficient method of spending your time.

There aren’t any obstacles to making this happen with Android phones, for instance it’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Allowing non-Apple devices to scan automatically for AirTags and to be able to participate in the Apple Find My network, would enhance the chances of locating AirTags generally particularly in the outside world of United States. It’s probably better to have something than nothing however.

As Apple mentions in a press release to CNET that enhanced privacy is the primary goal of the new app “Tracker Detect offers Android users the capability to search for AirTag or compatible Find My enabled item trackers which could be on the road within their vicinity without their awareness. We’re setting the bar higher in privacy for our customers and the industry and hope that others will follow suit.”

If you’d like to scan AirTags using your Android phone then you can download the application through Google Play Store. Google Play Store right now.

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