Want to fix Google Pixel 6 Connectivity Problems? Here is the solution

We are awestruck by Google’s new phones but they’re not with out some issues. The majority of the initial issues that plagued Pixel 6 owners were fixed in the latest update of this month, however, an all-new problem is affecting users all over the world. If you’ve encountered problems in your phone network after the update, upgrading a single application in your phone to a beta release might suffice to resolve the issue.

How do you set up Carrier Services beta? Carrier Services beta

This solution (via Reddit) is only a few minutes to implement and , while it’s not guaranteed to work, a lot of Reddit users have experienced the results of reconnecting with their carriers. The only thing you’ll need is sign up for the Google’s beta program for their Carrier Services application.

To begin, open to the Play Store on your phone and search for Carrier Services into the search bar located at on the right side of the screen. Choose the application from the list, then search to the “Join the beta” section at the lower part of the page. Click “Join,” then confirm your choice by clicking on the pop-up notification. When you click “Join,” the Play Store will inform you that the registration process is taking place in the background, so you should wait several minutes until it is completed.

In the next step, we’ll have to upgrade the application. While it’s true that the Play Store will automatically add the patch to your queue after it’s done, I discovered that closing it and opening it again will speed up the process. Return to the Carrier Services page and hit the green “Update” button to finish installing the application.

If you do it on its own the process could be enough to repair your phone, however it’s worthwhile to take some additional steps to make sure Carrier Services is back to functioning correctly. In the Pixel’s settings menu Select apps, then look for Carrier Services. Stop the app by force before heading to the storage to delete your data. For good measure reboot your phone.

That’s it! This procedure will allow your phone to connect to the mobile network, and — if the comments in the initial Reddit thread are accurateit could even be better compared to the day the device was first launched.

Other options

If you’re worried about getting registered in the beta program of the most important system application You can download the most recent APK direct via APK Mirror to have the same result. After you’ve installed it you can repeat the same data clearing procedures as described above to bring your phone back in working and in good order.

With any luck, this software patch will hit Pixel 6 devices sometime in the near future, giving users more access to a fix without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. However, with the holidays right around the corner, this quick solution is a great way to get your phone back to its usual operation.

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