Valuable Tricks And Tips to pair your Wear OS smartwatch with a new phone without resetting it

Watch OS watches are fairly simple to pair and configure however, this process can take quite a while especially if you’re looking to personalize your watch’s faces and tiles as well as download apps. If you do reset your phone or switch to a different model, you’ll have to setup your smartwatch once more.

The normal procedure requires you to factory reset your watch before pairing it again, which results in losing your settings and data and resetting everything completely from scratch. However, there’s an option to avoid wiping your watch and to use ADB commands to pair it with a different phone. This procedure does not require rooting your phone or watch and takes only some moments to accomplish. All you need is your computer, watch, or an USB cable or Wi-Fi connection, though the latter isn’t advised.

This method was tested on a number of the most popular Android smartwatches which include those made by Fossil as well as Huawei. But, it could not be compatible with the most recent Wear OS 3 watches.

1. Enable ADB Debugging

First, you must turn on ADB Debugging for your Wear OS watch, ensuring that the watch is “ready” to receive commands. In order to do this you’ll need to enable Developer Tools for your Watch.

Go to Settings -> System -> About. Keep tapping on the the build numberuntil you get an email confirming “You are now a developer.”

Let’s turn on ADB debugging by going again to Settings> > Developer Settingsand enable ADB Debuggingand Debug via Wi-Fi.

It could trigger a prompt on your watch. Make sure to accept the prompt prior to continuing.

2. Open ADB Tools

You’ll need a PC equipped with ADB tools that are available for download on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Download the contents, then start an application like a command or terminal from the folder.

On Windows this is accomplished by holding shift while clicking right and choosing “open command window here.” For Mac it’s necessary to do a second click, and then select “New Terminal at Folder”.

3. Connect the watch to the internet.

Before connecting your watch to your phone before connecting to your watch, it’s best to shut off your mobile or turn off the Bluetooth connection. Follow the following steps:

Connecting wires

It is recommended to connect with an extension cable because it’s quick and stable. When you plug in the computer cable, you could encounter a prompt asking whether you’d like to allow debugging. To make life simpler, ensure that you ” Always allow debugging from this computer.

Now you should see the serial number of your watch in the list. If it’s not there then try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable. Also, check the display of your watch for a prompt that allows debugging.

Connecting wirelessly

If you want to connect via Wi-Fi it is necessary to make sure that your device and your watch are connected to that same connection. After that, you’ll need note down your watch’s IP address which can be found under Settings Options for Developers ->then Debug using Wi-Fi.

Be sure to check your timer, since you’ll need to follow a prompt to proceed with the procedure.

4. Sending the ADB Commands

Once you’ve successfully linked your device to your PC, it’s time to send your commands to it.

Start by using the following method to remove any Google Play Services information from your device:

5. Make sure to pair your watch with your new phone

Now is the time to connect your mobileor activate Bluetooth and launch the Wear OS application. Then you’ll be able to have your watch on display and be able to pair it with your phone similar to how you did it when you first paired it. It’s a good thing, as this will only transfer your Google account onto the watch and then connect it to your mobile, without erasing any customizations or applications.

6. After the pairing

You’ll now get notifications on your wrist just as you would normally. But, you might need to link the Google account to a variety of applications, since you’ve deleted the existing Google Play Services data in step 4. After this however, you might still encounter problems with Google apps, like Google Pay or Google Fit.

This can be resolved by erasing local app’s data by clicking Settings> Apps & Notifications> App Info > System apps> selecting the app > App Information Clear data.

While the process might seem difficult, it’s actually quite simple to accomplish if you follow the steps in a clear manner and takes only about a couple of minutes. The most important thing is that it’s secure and will ensure that you don’t lose your personal information and preferences.

If you’re looking to replace to your Wear OS 2.x watch, I would highly recommend you to give it a go.

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