How To Update Your Windows PC’s BIOS?

PC’s has become one of the essential needs in this present generation. With the help of a single PC user can easily get their desired things at their door steps.

There are many who uses this medium to earn. There are such unlimited uses of PC’s which are helping them in their day to day life. But the discussion on today’s topic is something different.

Here we will be discussing how to update the PC’s BIOS. But before we get into this let me introduce you to what is BIOS. For many, this word may sound something new.


So BIOS is nothing but a software which your PC loaded first so that it can help the PC to run its disk drive, keyboard, mouse etc. This software takes in charge since the time the PC is set on. So here we will show what are the process which will help you to update the system PC’s BIOS. The process which we will state out here on this article are very easy and most importantly the system is tested.

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So now let’s get into the discussion and by the end of the discussion, you will get a proper knowledge how to update the PC’s BIOS.

Procedure to Change the PC’s BIOS

The process to change the PC’s BIOS is listed below so get in the points and help the device to change the PC’s BIOS.

BY Finding the Present BIOS System

To do that get into the system information app windows. Now if you are using the Windows Vista or the windows 7 then enter msinfo32 on your windows search engine. Now click on the system summary.

Now there the Version of the BIOS will be flashed with your computers processor speed. The next steps which you have to do is writing down the date and the number of versions.

Determining the Origin of the System

Here we will show the steps which will help you to find and download the exact BIOS version. Now it depends whether your PC was purchased from any brand or was purchased by assembling.

If it belongs to any brand like you have purchased from the HP then visit their website or if the PC is assembled then go to the website of the mother board brand. Now their search for the option of drivers download.

Now you have to go for the download of the BIOS of your model. Now you might come across that the update is not well written so in that case, the BIOS will automatically write over the other model BIOS.

Make a note you download the read me documentation and related files which will help you to give full instruction. As if you make any mistake the full system may get into a problem.

Make Sure to back up the existing BIOS

Make the back up the present BIOS system. Many of the BIOS say this but in any case, if they miss out then do not forget to back up the existing BIOS system. The process is very easy.

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While doing this process the worst thing which can happen is a power cut. It can badly affect the process. So do avoid this we have to take back up. So if you are using a laptop then make sure your laptop is fully charged and the device is connected to the socket. So in case, there is any kind of cut in the electricity the battery will help the process to move on. Same goes for the PC too it would be better if the PC is connected with the UPS so that the process can go on.

The Update Process

Here you have to go for the installation process. To do that go to the .exe file for the software update. The process might ask you for a floppy use it. Use a 1.44MB 3.5 disk. Now you have to insert the system and then you have to restart the system so that the booting can cone be done. Now the floppy images will have an ‘autoexec.bat’ file which will help you to run the update smoothly.

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Restating the system

As now the process of update gets over the system will restart automatically. But on the process, some of them will warn you and some of them will ask you for the permission. Few of the system will ask the prompt to power cycle the system. To do that you have to power off the system by pressing the power button or by the power off sequence with the system itself. Now you have to toss off the power button at the backside of the PC to off. Now you have to wait for a while. Now you have to bring the master switch into your position. Now you have to on the PC.

Clearing the BIOS system which is prevailing

Though this process is not much essential but many do it. If you remove the pre-existing BIOS then it becomes easy to check which are the new things that are introduced with the new BIOS system. We strongly recommend you to remove the pre-existing BIOS system to get the full of the endurance of the new BIOS system. You can even configure the settings as per the requirements. Though it is not compulsory to configure but even if done it won’t affect the system.

So these were the steps which will help you to easily update the BIOS of your PC. The steps which I have mentioned here are best in the class and works very well. Just go through the system easily and you can successfully update the BIOS on your Pc easily. This system is regarded as the most secure and best way. So what you are waiting for follow these steps and get the update easily for your PC. This system can be easily done with any of the PC let it be any assembled pc or any brand PC. If you face further problem please comment us below.

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