How To Remove or Uninstall Avast Safezone Browser?

Desktop or laptop or Mac users are often seemed to get bothered using Avast Antivirus. Since you have visited this page we are assuming that you are having a trouble to Uninstall the browser of Avast Safezone? Have you ever noticed at the time you install Avast Free Antivirus on your Windows Avast? It usually happens to be that by the time you install the free version of Avast Antivirus software. Even the Safezone browser gets of Avast added along with it. Here we will share information with you How to uninstall Avast Safezone Browser? The steps are quite simple and easy to perform.


Before we begin it is very necessary to know regarding Avast Safezone browser. It is an excellent browser that is designed with impressive privacy browser. And the browser has well maintained built-in privacy features to provide you better security and safety from malicious files. Also, including many several other online threats and to protect your personal information from hackers.

Know more about Avast Safezone Browser:

Avast Zone browser is an online browser that helps you to shop online safely. Internet banking is safer now that ever as you can make sure of it by using the Avast Safezone browser. And it is an impressive browser which runs in a sandbox that makes your date are safe and secure. When you have safezone browser installed on your PC then you don’t have to install any privacy extensions.

Important Features of Avast Safezone Browser:

Speaking of the features of this browser it can block ads or block the webpages which are not trusted. Check out the complete list of features that the browser has to offer to its users.

  • It provides you security by the integrated anti-malware layers.
  • Enables the price comparison on the trusted online shopping websites.
  • This browser filters and blocks the pages which are with poor reputations.
  • It will specializes the browsing mode and enable safe transactions and protection from the unsafe content.
  • Download videos from websites safely avoiding infected media files.

How to Install Avast on Desktop or Laptop for windows 7 or 10?

Avast is a free download Antivirus available in the internet. To download and install this software all you have to do is follow the instructions as mentioned below in step-wise.

  • First Step: Visit the official website by clicking on this provided link. As you as you clik you will be taken into the download page section.
  • Second Step: Now choose, either you want to download for Windows 7/ 8 by clicking on the “Free Download”
  • Third Step: And then as soon as the file download is complete you will see the downloaded file on your browser.
  • Fourth Step: Now click on downloaded icon of the Avast Safezone Browser. After that “Avast Free Antivirus Setup” will get pop-up on your screen.
  • Fifth Step: Select the “INSTALL” option and then the install process will begin shortly.

Wait for a while, it will take couple of minutes and then when it is complete you will be notified accordingly.

How to Remove/uninstall Avast Safezone Browser?

In this section, you will learn the process to uninstall the Avast Safezone Browser. Follow the steps that are provided below to remove the browser of Avast from your selected Windows PC.

  • First Step: At first, click on the free Avast Antivirus software which you will find on your desktop screen.
  • Second Step: In this way, launch the Avast Free Antivirus which is already installed on your computer.
  • Third Step: After that, go to the homepage of Antivirus will pop-up on your computer screen. And then click on the settings option on the right-side and top-most corner of the screen.

  • Fourth Step: Now you will have to click on the components option as you notice on your PC.

  • Fifth Step: After that you will see there is SafeZone Browser, just below you will find Uninstall Components.

  • Sixth Step: Now on your computer screen you a dialogue box of Avast will pop-up, and it will ask for your confirmation. Do you really want to Uninstall “Safezone Browser” or not, just click on the Ok option.

Now close all the windows of the Avast Free Antivirus Software. And in this way you have successfully uninstall the Avast Safezone browser on windows PC.

Final Words:

We believe that, you have learnt all the important things and process how to uninstall Avast Safezone browser. There is no doubt that Avast is one of the most trusted and top rated free Antivirus available to download today. But, if you wish to remove the Safezone browser provided by Avast from your PC then follow the steps as mentioned-above briefly. Remember when you install the Avast Antivirus on your windows PC it will brings to you lots of benefits. As this software will keep your computer protected from virus attacks. And the safezone browser by Avast plays a vital role to keep you data safe and secure away from hackers or malware attacks.

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