The Upcoming Feature Of WhatsApp Will Add More Power to Group Admins

WhatsApp is believed to be plans to roll out the feature in the near future which will allow group admins to remove inappropriate messages sent by members for everyone within the group. This feature will grant greater authority to the administrators in chat group.

According to an article published in XDA Developers, the Meta owned instant messaging is in the process of testing this feature. This feature is coming soon administrators of groups can remove messages for all members of the group.

We’ll tell you that WhatsApp is currently allowing users to delete their chat messages when they are part of groups. The group administrator does not have the capability to delete messages left by other members of the group. However, they may eliminate a group member and limit their ability to send messages to the group and prevent them from sending messages in the. This can be done by changing the settings of the group to only admin.

The move is designed to give greater control to WhatsApp admins of groups on the content of their groups. It could allow them to ensure that the members behave in a professional manner and adhere to the goal of the group for which it was established.

Members of the group who’s messages were deleted be sent a message of notification which will inform them that the media or message was deleted by an admin. If there is more than one administrator in the group, the message will include who deleted the message. administrator who deleted the message.

The feature is being tested and is in the process of developing according to the report. The report also didn’t provide any details about when the planned WhatsApp feature will launch.

As per reports, WhatsApp will likely introduce the feature in WhatsApp Beta. Then, the app will launch the feature to everyone.

In addition, WhatsApp recently launched new tools for its disappearing message feature. The new features allow customers to choose the duration period for Disappearing Messages to seven days, 24 hours or 90 days from the time they were sent.

WhatsApp has also been testing an innovative feature for privacy for its users. It permit them to limit certain users from viewing their profile, last seen picture and status.

WhatsApp has released a number of improvements for users which makes chatting more enjoyable this year.

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