Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode By Using These Easy Steps

Today, in this article we are going to share with you How to start windows 10 in safe mode.

The word Windows is a revolutionary in the field of computing and technology.

There are millions of people across the globe who are connected with the Windows operating system and are taking a good advantage of it.

Let it be a computer system or the mobile operating system windows has given their best. With their latest launch of the windows, 10 things are totally changed.


The system is fast smooth and most importantly it is very reliable. The latest windows 10 comes loaded with all kinds of features which make our work very easy and smooth.

But here we will show you the process how you can start the Windows 10 in safe mode.

Now for those who are on use with the windows 10 might have seen that the earlier way how we use to do the safe mode is not working anymore.

The main reason behind it is the windows system has gone more advance and is now very fast as compared to that of other windows.

Now you might be wondering how to start the windows 10 in safe mode then here it is. Here you will get a full guide that would provide assistance to start the windows 10 in safe mode.

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Guide which will help you to start the windows 10 in safe mode

Here we will state out the process which will help you out to start the windows 10 in safe mode. The process is very easy and it is tried and tested.

By using the System Configuration tool

Booting into the safe mode in windows 10 was very easy. We can use the system configuration tool to do that. The typical name of the tool is msconfig.exe.

Now for those who are in the windows 10 platform for them the most simple way to open the system tool will be by pressing the windows key and the run key together.

Windows+R Once you have typed this the dialog box will appear and there you have to write for the msconfig and then hit the enter key.

If you are not satisfied with this step then you can go for another way. By using the Cortana you can easily get access to the configuration tool.

For that, you have to write the system configuration word on the task bar.

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Now you have to simply hit the configuration shortcut icon which will appear.

Now on that, you will have to tap on the boot option. Now there the option named safe boot will appear there you have to click the ok option.

Now there the option of the reboot will appear. So if you are in some work you can select the option of exit without restart to carry on.

Now once the system gets reboot the device will be in the safe mode. Now there you will see the browser of the windows which won’t work. But if you want you can still use the older version of the internet explorer to continue your work with browsing.

Now let’s check another process.

By using the shift and the restart buttons

This is another way which will help you to get into the safe mode easily.

So to do that you have to go to the option of start and then hit the power button. Now keep a hold on the shift button and at the same time tap on the restart option.

You can easily use the shift and the restart button together on the screen of the sign in.

Now the next step which you have to do is hold on the shift button and then on the restart option.

After that, the rebooting windows 10, we will begin in that place you will come across different options. Now there choose the option of trouble shoot.

There another option will appear named as advanced options select that too.

Now on that option page, you will get the startup settings select that. Now if you want to change the advance boot system you have to restart your PC. The system will include the safe mode too.

So simply restart it. When the reboot option gets over you will get the option to choose which of the boot you want. Now there the option of safe mode will also appear. So if you want to enable it simply click on the button 4 to switch it to the safe mode it is that simple.

Note: After your PC restarts, you’ll see a list of options. Select 4 or F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode. Or if you’ll need to use the Internet, select 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking.

Now we are at the end of this article How to start windows 10 in safe mode

So these were some of the simple steps which will help you to get the windows 10 running PC into safe mode. The steps are very easy and most importantly these steps are tried and tested. So feel free to try these steps and make sure you implement those steps in the same way how it is mentioned here. So what are you waiting for follow the steps and get your Windows into safe mode?

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