Spotify Premium Apk Free Download | Latest Offline MOD 2018

Spotify is a very useful app for the Android as well as for the iOS users to listen and download music tracks. Normally you can use the Spotify app to listen songs free in your smartphone. However, if you want to download and use them for getting the full-fledged official features then download and install the Spotify Premium App. We all know that Spotify Premium App needs to be purchased from the Google Play to install in our smartphone. Therefore, in this topic we will show you the bypass process to Spotify Premium Apk free download and latest offline MOD 2018. If you use the Apk file then it is completely free to download and install even there is no need to pay a single penny for it. One thing we also clear out you that Apk files are not available to download from the Google Play. Thus, you need to visit the web to download it free.


Apk file is easily get install in the Android Smartphones without performing any root process. May some of you are thinking now about the Spotify latest offline MOD 2018. Then the MOD Apk is nothing but the Spotify App Apk in which you will get some of the special mod to use in custom way. Like some of the special features are currently added in the latest Offline MOD 2018 free. From now, you will not face any limitations in enjoying the music as the best Spotify premium MOD 2018 version is there for you all. Now we will proceed to talk about Spotify Premium Apk Free Download and Latest Offline MOD 2018.

How to download Spotify Premium Apk Free Download | Latest Offline MOD 2018:

Currently it seemed that in many of the countries, the Spotify Premium app is banned officially to use in Android devices. Thus, we have decided to use Premium Spotify Apk, which will break the limitation to use all the official and custom features. At first, we will talk about how to download and install install premium Spotify Apk free and latest offline mod 2018.

A systematic guide to   Spotify Premium Apk Free Download | Latest Offline MOD 2018:

Step 1: In the first step, the user needs to open their smartphone and connect it to any internet network, which is available with them.

Step 2: Next, you need download APK file on your smartphone. For your comfort we have listed 2 links on the below section where you can visit and download the latest version of Spotify application and atest Offline mod 2018 as well. Click on the link and choose the location to save the file on your device after downloading. Hence, the download will start in your phone and wait for it until completes. You can also download the apk file on your laptop/PC and transfer them on your smartphone and follow the next steps.

[Click here to download Spotify version 8.4.]

[Click here to download Spotify latest offline MOD 2018.]

Step 3: Once you are done then follow the steps to install Spotify Apk Premium version from the steps given below.             

How to install Spotify Premium Apk Free Download | Latest Offline MOD 2018:

Hope you all have successfully downloaded Apk in your Android phone or tablet. If you are done then now let, we have a look at the systematic guidelines to install this app on your phone or tab.

Step 1: In the first step, you need to make sure whether the device is allowing you to install the Apk file i.e. from unknown sources.  To allow the installation, at first open your phone Settings, then choose the option Privacy and Security option. In the option, you need to scroll down and choose Unknown Sources and make sure this option is enabled or having a tick in it. If already it is enabled then leave as it is or otherwise tap once to enable and tick on it.

Step 2: In the next step, the user needs to open the saved file from the file folder and tap on it for once. Once you have a tap on it then it will pop up one window where you need to choose Install button to start the installation process.  When the process will start, it may ask you to grant some permission to proceed simply forward.

Step 3: After allowing all the permissions, now your installation process will successfully start in your device and thus you need to wait for a while to complete the process accordingly.

Step 4: Once the installation has been done now the app icon will be created on the home screen or the app menu of your phone. Click on that app icon to launch the Spotify App on your Android devices.  That is all you are done with it and log in into the app with your existing ID or Sign up if you are a new member to it. Now enjoy the most favorite tracks from this app with all the official features free.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk:

Before using any application in your phone, it requires knowing about the features of Spotify Premium Apk from the list given below. So read them carefully and know about the features of Spotify for getting more information about it.

  • This application is developed to use comfortably in Android, iOS, devices like smartphones, Tablets etc.
  • From any one of the device, you can play and listen to songs anytime anywhere.
  • If you want to listen to the music in offline mode then download it and save for an offline
  • This app also provides you the best sound clarity and quality to listen up the songs.
  • You can also enjoy the uninterrupted services if playing tracks with no annoying ads.
  • There is no any legal limitation so you can use this app and delete it at any time you want.

Features of Spotify Mod 2018 latest version:

As we already told and inform you that Spotify app also provides you with some of the special features in its Mod version. Thus, you can go through this app to avail those features and know more clear about it from the list given below.

  • The locked feature i.e. the Spotify Connect will get unlock in this mod version only.
  • The tablet mode is added in which you will get seeking or forward button in your information bar.
  • All the annoying ads are blocked currently in this version of the app.
  • Similarly, you will not get interrupted by audio ads in this version.
  • It has enabled the seeking in this mod version.
  • Do unlimited shuffle throughout the player as you wish.
  • Any song you can choose to play and listen in this app.
  • Like the simple music player, you can do repeat also using this mod app.

Frequently Asked Question – Spotify Premium Apk Free Download | Latest Offline MOD 2018:

Here we have grab out some of the frequently asked questions and answers about Spotify premium app. Therefore, have a look on the list and clear out the confusion, which may exist there in your mind from many times.

Q: Can I use all the Official features of Spotify by using Spotify Premium Mod Apk?

A: Yes, there are all the features available to use by every user in Spotify Premium Mod Apk.

Q: Which version of Android is required to install the Premium Spotify?

A: From Android version 4.0.3 to latest version, you can easily install Spotify Premium to use in your phone.

Q: How much free available space needed, to install the Spotify app on our phone?

A: Almost 50 MB free space requires for installing this app correctly on your device without facing any interruption.

Q: How much network speed requires for streaming the Spotify music easily?

A: Minimum you need to have 200kbps or more speed to stream songs through this app easily.

Q: Did Spotify use my phone memory to save the offline mode songs?

A: Yes, the Spotify app will use your phone memory or Micro SD card memory to save the offline songs. Nearly you can store 1000 songs within 8.5 GB of free space in internal or external phone memory.


Finally, we want to tell you that these are all the information about Spotify Premium Apk Free Download | Latest Offline MOD 2018. Hope you all are satisfied with the content written here about Spotify Premium Apk. We have grabbed all the essential resources and delivers in this topic like downloading, installation steps and all the features of the premium mod version of Spotify Apk. If you feel good, with this topic then try this app once and enjoy the most awesome music listening experience in your Phone free. We also provide you with the essential links to download this app easily. So feel free to download and share this app guide on your friends and social profiles too.

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