Some Report Reveals that there Will be no SIM Card Slot For iPhone 15 Pro

Apple has introduced eSIM support on its iPhone XR and XS as well as the XS Max. A new sketchy rumour suggests the iPhone 15 Pro, which is due to launch in 2023, will be the first iPhone to ship without a physical SIM slot.

Blog do iPhone reports that the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, and Pro Max models could be without a physical SIM card slot. The devices will instead support eSIM cards to connect.

There will also be support for two eSIM card slots, ensuring dual SIM functionality. Water resistance could be further improved by removing the SIM card slot.

It’s not clear at this time if the non-Pro models will rely entirely on eSIM tech, or continue using physical SIM card slots.


Apple could also give at least one iPhone 15 model an Apple periscope lens. This will enable for significantly better optical zoom.

The next flagship series, iPhone 14, will offer storage up to 2TB.

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