Best Tips To Solve iPhone’s Storage Full Problem

The storage of iPhones has always been a subject of debate. If an iPhone user requires additional storage, they should spend more money. Find out how users can clean out the iPhone’s storage to free up space.

Storage has been a major problem for iPhone users across the globe. Being faced with the ‘Storage is nearly full’ pop-ups each and every time is a real pain. Numerous apps are unable to operate when they have the full capacity of storage. One of the most popular methods of clearing space on your iPhone are to remove images, videos, apps or music. But there’s a different category of data storage known as ‘System Data’.


What exactly is iPhone “System Data” storage?

“System Data Storage, sometimes referred to as ‘others’ in the older iPhone versions, typically contains local data that users require to fulfill their task. The data is stored in the home system and is exclusively to be used by users.

How do you see the space that ‘System Data’ is using been able to see on the iPhone?

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app
  • Tap ‘General’
  • Go to iPhone Storage

You’ll find an image on high-up on the screen which shows how much space you’ve left on your smartphone.

Methods to clear “System Data” on the iPhone:

Clear Safari cache

    • Start the ‘Setting’ app
    • Tap ‘Safari’
    • Scroll down , and then tap Clear history and data from websites.
    • Tap history clears within the pop-up-tap

Offload applications

One of the best ways to clear space is to remove applications that no longer being used. When you delete an application, the app is removed, which frees up space, however the data of the app is kept.

Automatically delete messages

    • Start the ‘Settings’ app
    • Tap messages
    • Go to section on history of messages
    • Keep messages on the tap

In this way, if you install the app, all the data remains and you’ll be able to continue just as if it existed all along.

Eliminating app caches of social media

Cache typically takes up a lot of area of audio, photos and videos, therefore it displays quicker and playback doesn’t buffer during normal use.

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