Difficulty in sharing Google Photos And Videos With Family and Friends From Your Android Smartphone or Tablet ? Solution Is here

Google Photos is one of the most popular backup and photo services around the globe, due to the growing popularity in Android smartphones. It gives users the possibility of backing images and videos on their tablets or smartphones and allows access to other devices signed-in to. It is also possible to share your photos and videos with other Google users. Google provides users with the option of sharing their videos and images with others Google users and even those who don’t have an account with a Google Account with the help of links that are public.

As the holidays approach Here’s a helpful guide on how to share your favorite photos and videos with Google Photos, starting with the easiest (link linking) to the most fast (Nearby Share) options for your tablet or smartphone.

How do you make sure you can share Google Photos with anyone on the internet

This method generates a link that is public that will link to your photo(s) that you share. This method is the best method to share content with users who does not use Google Photos.

  1. Start Google Photos on your smartphone or tablet. Google Photos app on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Choose the images or videos you would like to share, and then move and tap to choose.
  3. Click to the Share icon that appears and then look at an option to create a link. Make link option.
  4. Start an application such as WhatsApp or Gmail and then copy the URL to send it to.

Sharing photos using the internet can be beneficial but it won’t be the most secure method. The reason is that anyone with the link has access to the images or videos shared. If you prefer more privacy to share your photos it is possible to do this using Google Photos, the Google Photos in-app messaging feature or through an album that is shared. If you’re close to the person you wish to share your album with and are in the same space You can also share videos and images easily and wirelessly with the help of Nearby Share.

How do I Share Google Photos with Shared Albums

  1. Start Google Photos on your smartphone or tablet. Google Photos app on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Select Share and then select to create a an album that is shared.
  3. After entering the album’s name after which you can tap Select Photos to choose photos and videos.
  4. After you’ve selected all images you want after that, click “Share”.
  5. You are now able to choose individuals to share with in the Google Photos app.
  6. The contacts will be able to view the album they shared in Google Photos. Google Photos app.

How do you connect Google Photos with via in-app Messages

    1. Start Google Photos on your smartphone or tablet. Google Photos app on your tablet or phone.
    2. Use the tap for a photograph or click and drag to select pictures and videos to upload to.
    3. Click Share from the “Share button that pops up.
    4. Find the Send button in the Google Photos section.
    5. It is now possible to select contacts to share your images with.

How do I transfer Google Photos with via Nearby Share (Android only)

    1. On your Android phone, launch Google Photos on your Android smartphone. Google Photos app.
    2. Use the tap for a picture alternatively, move your finger to select pictures and videos to upload to.
    3. Click the Share button that pops up.
    4. Select the Nearby share option, and then choose your user(s) you want to share the share with.
    5. The recipient will also have to verify their settings in order to enable Nearby Share..
    6. The recipient should click Accept to start the transfer. Then wait until the transfer is complete.

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