How To Set CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground Apps Windows 10

So, friend you are here because you facing too much slowing or operating issue on your windows computer, right?

If yes then i want to tell you that there have many reason for this problem on your pc and one of them big problem is running too much application background in your CPU. Wonder! well,

You might have experienced while working on your computer, we often think that the system is just running few functions. But there is something more than that, your computer is actually running more number of processes in the background.


Now i am sure you are thinking how to stop running those application at background! here one thing i want to tell you that this types of problem you can face not only windows 10 even you can face at windows 7,8,8.1 & xp too.

Now the question is,

Is it possible to set CPU priority to prefer foreground apps and programs on Windows 10,7,8,8.1,xp?

Yes, its possible to fix this issue 😀 and the process is called Processor Scheduling.

Its a short and very easy method to scheduling processor in windows. Now before you thinking about processor scheduling let me give you a basic idea about it.


What is Processor scheduling?

This is the process where foreground and background service on your windows pc will be manage. By doing this you can control or adjust your service which are running on your pc. Thats it.

So if you want your foreground apps to run faster then you need to set CPU priority accordingly.


What is CPU priority?

The software which are running on your computer either it background or foreground allotted with certain time from the CPU. Each application to running take sometimes from CPU. The more applications it has to handle at a time, the less it allots time for each application.

The priority level is fixed for each one of it, and that will makes it very easy to operate.

Usually the priority level is fixed on the basis of factors such as amount of the processor consumed by the Apps, and also the amount of time taken to run the applications. The increasing amount of the priority levels will gradually level up the potential of the processor allocated to it.

As the best example, users are preferred to choose hypervisor of 3 GHz in CPU priority, and that will be burst at a range of one core.


The only solution for getting rid of this slow and laggy performance is to Set CPU priority to prefer Foreground Apps. And with the help of this, you can only use the Foreground apps and terminate the background apps.

So, now if you want to set CPU priority to Prefer Foreground Apps on your windows 7,8,8.1,10, And XP pc then you must to follow some easy steps.

Learn how to set CPU priority to Prefer Foreground Apps on your windows 10.

It is necessary to remember that, the settings we are about to discuss is not a permanent one. And it might create an unwanted complication in the processes of PC. It is due to the fact, that the processes that are necessary right now, and may not be getting the same priority for the foreground apps in the windows 10.

Methods to Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps:

I think, you have a question in your mind is that, why do we need to set CPU Priority to prefer Foreground apps in Windows 10? It is simply due to the excessive amount of data consumed by several applications in your device. So, to maintain the over usage of data in your computer system you can set data consumption limit with foreground application.

Benefits of selecting CPU Priority:

  • Treat the optional reference by going through scheduled application over foreground for CPU Priority.
  • The combination of CPU Priority with foreground app tends to proper operation in assigned time.
  • The service applications may concern the relation of foreground app.
  • The process of functioning of any tasks will be done easier and safe.

There are two Unique ways to Choose CPU priority at windows like:

  • Registry editor
  • control panel

Control panel is Much More preferable and More selective way in Windows version.

Just follow the below provided steps and you will be able to Set CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground Apps Windows 10.

At first Watch This video which give you basic idea About Processor Scheduling in Windows:

I hope you got some basic idea about “Set CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground Apps Windows”. Now read this article, where you will get complete steps by step guide.

Method 1: Adjust the Foreground Apps with control Panel:

At first, to set CPU Priority to prefer foreground apps you will have to sign in windows 10 by the help of “Administrator Credentials” or using account “administrative privileges”. After that, you will have to open the control panel window by choosing straight from the start menu.

  • Step 1: “System Properties Settings” is what you need to search for into the control panel. Now choose the “system and security” settings from control panel and then you will be taken into the next window.

  • Step 2: In the “system and security” you will notice the system settings on the screen and then you will see system window.

  • Step 3: Select the advance system settings from the window. And then in the dialogue box of the system properties choose “Advanced” and “settings” under the performance options, to change the performance settings of foreground apps.

  • Step 4: In the dialogue box of Performance Options, you will have to select the “Advanced” option. And choose to adjust for best performance of “Programs”. Now hit the enter button or Click “OK”.

In this way, you have successfully Set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps, by adjusting the Foreground Apps using the control Panel.

Method 2: Change the value of DWORD in Registry Editor to Prefer Foreground Apps:

In this section, you will learn to set Foreground Apps with change of DWORD value. Follow the instructions that are given below in step-wise.

  • First off, Hold the windows key + R key at the same time. After that, enter “regedit” in the run dialogue box. Press the enter key for opening “Registry Editor”.

  • Now paste these below given command into the “Registry Editor” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\PriorityControl

Apart from that the “Priority Control Key” will explain the foreground priority differential. And the default values of the “Win32PripritySeperation” are REG_DWORD that is 0, 1 or 2. It will specify the priority that is provided into the foreground apps.

  • Step 3: Now you will have to change the value of the “Win32PrioritySeperation” for making the foreground apps to function good. Right after that, you will need to perform double click right on “Win32PrioritySeperation” that is situated on the right pane of the registry Editor. After that you will notice value data and then choose to set as 26 to set the performance of the foreground apps.

By following the given steps, you have successfully changed the value of DWORD in Registry Editor to Prefer Foreground Apps on your windows 10.

Well, now i hope you get the deep knowledge about set CPU Priority but there have five effective tools can help change the priority of the processes permanently in Windows with the support of Task Manager.

Here in this article we are going to share this 5 tools with you. 😀

1. System Explorer

System Explorer comes with great gadget data which can manipulate components with the help of tabs. This is the another best award winning effective tools which handle the CPU priority issue permanently. With the help of this tool you can under control your full system and then manages all the internal system of your computer. By using this tools you will be get the full information about task manager even not only that you can check the full computer resource graph.

2. processer Hacker

Processor hacker also another best project management tools for your pc. Its come with extraordinary features for managing tasks and processes. With the help of this tool you can check full activity of your CPU and control them. This tool has the power to save the CPU priority and best for reverse engineering.

3. Prio

Prio is the very simple and most powerful tool to set cpu priority. Its has a very simple design. Once if you install this app on your pc then you get the full access the of your pc. To set cpu priority just lunch the tool and right click on the application wich you want to set cpu priority and then choose Set Priority.

5. Bill2’s Process Manager

Bill2’s process manager works by regulations and is a quite useful application. This tools works under set of rules on a particular application that is running on the system.

6. Process Tamer

This app capable to adjust priority automatically for running the process of your computer, when they reach a limit level of CPU usage in the system. Which is the unique feature of this app.

In this post, we have included the details information to set CPU Priority to Prefer Foreground Apps. Try any of these above mentioned methods to set prefer foreground applications on your windows 10. These methods are explained with full steps details which are very effective and easy to perform.

Without wasting your time any further looking for the methods to set CPU Priority to prefer Foreground Applications. Apply these methods right away on your computer to manage the applications running on the background.  These are quite simple and easy to perform and we hope that it would be helpful to you.

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