Recently A Major Security Issue Has Been Identified In Android Apps Like OkCupid And Grindr

Recently, major security issues were encountered in Android apps such as OkCupid and Grindr. Defects or issues related to Google Play’s core library are not limited to these two apps. Some of the other apps that have been affected are the Bumble and Cisco teams.

Researchers in the field of software technology at the checkpoint have identified the defect. The downside to programmers is that they haven’t fixed the flaws yet. This is because the defect was discovered in April 2020 and corrected by Google.

About major security issues

When I say ‘safety’, to some people this may seem like allot, but it’s really not. The defect created is called CVE-2020-8913, which allows criminals to access the code of this software. They can then change the code and inject malicious code to get all the resources of their compromised app. Another issue that users are very concerned about is that attackers can steal data using apps on the user’s device without knowing it. If cybercriminals want to attack an app, they will have access to all of the user’s personal information.
The issue was first identified in April 2020 and was resolved by Google as it relates to the Google Play Library. The library promotes updates to developers’ apps, but there are some drawbacks. This allows cybercriminals to add updates that can be run to the app using a library bug. And when this code is executed, they can access the entire app or user data. Now that Google has fixed the issue, the bug is partially patched, but app developers still need to make some changes to their apps to completely eliminate security issues.

Affected apps

These are the main reasons for mentioning the names of these apps, so stay away from them until the bugs are fixed. If any of them are installed on your device, uninstall them quickly. Yes, the affected apps are Grindr, Viber, OkCupid, Bumble, Cisco Groups, Edge, Yango Pro, Xrecorder, and PowerDirector. There may even be other apps that have this flaw, but researchers haven’t checked. So, this is a good requirement for programmers who are reading this, check to see if your app is flawed.
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