PUBG new State First Major Update Is here- Offers Free Special Rewards

“PUBG”: New State has received many new features as part of a massive update that was released by Krafton in the last few days. The update adds a brand new weapon, new weapon customization as well as different vehicles into the renowned battle royale title, and is now available to download. The update also includes numerous improvements to the game’s gameplay, maps lobby, and the game’s access.

The PUBG: New State players on both Android and iOS are able to download the update from their respective apps stores. The new features of the update are visible when you start the game with a fresh lobby theme to mark the coming Christmas celebrations. In addition this is an overview of everything new that you will see on the PUBG: New State in your next game session.

New Weapon – L85A3 assault rifle

The most recent patch for The PUBG New State brings a new L85A3 assault rifle with low recoil but at the expense of firing speed. It is an Bullpup assault rifle which uses 5.56mm ammo. It is equipped for mid- to long-range battles. L85A3 is the most destructive among all 5.56 firearms for assault.

The L85A3 can be seen on the two places: Erangel along with Troi.

New Vehicles – Electron and Mesta

Two new vehicles have been added to the PUBG: New State. The first is called Electron and is a minibus with an electric 6 seater. Electron is more durable than other models and permits a group of players to change seats in the vehicle. It is available on Troi and Training Ground for beginning.

Mesta is the other brand new vehicle, a traditional two-seater sports vehicle that promises speedy acceleration and high top speeds. Mesta is available in two versions that are open and standard and is available in Erangel as well as some regions in Troi along with the Training Ground.

New Gun Customisations

The three new accessories for guns will be available in PUBG New State in the wake of the update. A vertical foregrip and Bipod for L85A3 guns will provide lower vertical recoil as well as easier recoil control while shooting sitting or lying down. However, the accessory decreases ADS speed.

The new long Barrel that is compatible with M416 guns enables the rifle with increased strength, but also leads to an increase in the vertical recoil. After being customized, the accessory removes the M416’s slot for muzzle. The third option is an 5.56mm barrel to be used with SLR rifles. The shooter can change out an SLR’s 7.62mm barrel to one with a 5.56mm barrel to increase firing precision. This attachment can reduce the damage to the gun when compared with the 7.62mm barrel however.

New Merit Points System

Krafton has also created the new penalty system in order to take action against bad behavior during the game. The new rules suggest that the Merit Points of a survivor will be reduced if they start Friendly Fire or engage in different forms of negative behavior. Multiple reports can result in lower scores. If the Merit Points are below a certain threshold that the player is prohibited from playing in the Squad Mode. The players who are penalised will be required to gradually raise their Merit Points using Solo Mode.

The list of updates do not stop here. Maps inside PUBG: New State have been optimized, BP points distributions have been changed, and a variety of issues have been addressed during the course of the game. Expect to see this all when you play the next PUBG New State game.

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