Here is a Chance to Preview Your Voice Messages Before Sending Them- Whatsapp Updates A New Feature On Voice Messages

WhatsApp this week announced that it will roll out the ability to listen to your voice messages prior to sending them to contacts. This update lets listen to the message to determine whether the voice is appropriate to share with the instant messaging application. If not, you’ll be able to delete your voice message , and then take it back to share. The feature to preview voice messages in WhatsApp works on groups and individual chats. It has also been made available on all platforms including Android and iOS and Web and desktops.

For you to use Voice message preview on your mobile it is necessary to press the microphone button within the WhatsApp message and then slide it up to secure hands-free recording. It will open an interface that will display the stop button and trash can. It is possible to tap the stop button, and press the play button to listen to the voice message prior to sharing it with the person you want to share it with. WhatsApp can also allow you to move to a specific portion of the audio by pressing at the bar that is a seek.

If you aren’t sure if the message suitable for sending the message, you can remove it by tapping on the trash can. You can also send it using”send”.

The new preview feature is useful if you prefer to send voice messages instead of text versions on WhatsApp. You can examine your voice message draft prior to sending them out directly to contacts. However, you can occasionally send out random voice messages if simply touch the microphone button in the app, but not dragging it upwards to secure the recording feature.

WhatsApp has confirmed with Gadgets 360 that the preview feature is now made available across all WhatsApp users. It was also possible to access it using the most current version on a variety of Android as well as iOS gadgets and also on the web.

The month of May was when WhatsApp has been spotted developing a voice preview feature that would allow users to preview messages. The first time it was seen, it had distinct Review as well as Cancel button, according to the information revealed in WhatsApp Beta tracker WABetaInfo. However, the company owned by Meta prefers to use the standard trash can and play buttons instead of any text reference.

It is crucial to know that, while the most recent update allows users to listen to voice messages prior to sending them to contacts, it doesn’t allow pausing recording of voice messages. That means you will not stop recording audio of your message only to restart it after a certain amount of time.

However, WhatsApp seems to have this function in the works too. WABetaInfo found the feature to pause messages during October. The feature is not yet made available to all users.

In the past several months WhatsApp is showing an ongoing desire to improve the experience of voice messages via its service. WhatsApp recently added playback speeds as well as waves to voice message. Also, it was seen trying out features like the universal voice messages player as well as transcribing voice message.

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