OPPO Revealed a New Smart Air Glass With a monocle-Style

Oppo has established the norm of tradition in the past to showcase smart glasses during the INNO Day events, so this is the third item in this category. Oppo Air Glass Oppo Air Glass will be an assisted reality (aR) gadget that is slid onto specially-designed frames , and utilizes an octa-projector to overlay various kinds of information before your eyes.

Air Glass is available in two colors. Air Glass comes in White or Black and is composed of two components The frame is home to the components, including those of the Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform chipset along with the lenses.

Then there’s the monocular-waveguide and a Spark Micro Projector which makes use of micro-LED technology to project light through five lenses of glass.

Oppo’s Air Glass has a custom-made optical diffraction waveguide, with two display modes, grayscale 16-level and 256-level and can offer the equivalent of 1400 nits average brightness to ensure that the image remains visible under different lighting conditions.

You can alter what’s displayed via Air Glass. You can control what’s overlayed through Air Glass by touch, hand motion (when when paired by Oppo Watch 2), hand motion Oppo Watch 2), or head motions. For instance, a smile or shake of the head could be used to unlock and close notifications.

Oppo Air Glass can show various applications including Weather Calendar, Health Navigation, and Teleprompter it allows users to present almost anyplace.

The device has a translation function integrated that allows for intercultural communication between two individuals who wear Air Glass. Mandarin Chinese – English two-way translation will be made available right straight out of the box. Mandarin Chinese – Japanese and Korean will be available at a later date.

Oppo Air Glass Oppo Air Glass will launch in China in the Q1 of 2022. They will offer it with White and Black with the option of two frames, an aluminum half-frame and the black full-frame (which is more appropriate for those who require corrective glasses).

Air Glass will require the Smart Glass app, which is accessible for the Oppo Watch 2 and any Oppo smartphone that runs ColorOS 11 or above.

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