New Feature On Instagram? The duration of Stories Will Extend to 60 Seconds

While the ephemeral content were first used through Snapchat, Instagram was the social platform that made them popular after launching their Stories in the year 2017. Since then, they’ve developed into an agile and fluid format that is notable in generating more interaction among users than traditional feed publications is also why generally provides higher efficiency in terms of advertising campaigns.

These Stories, which go away within 24 hours after they are published and with an maximum length of 15 seconds. However they are also looking at how other short-video platforms are battling them. This is what happens with TikTok with its editable short videos are of a longer length and have also garnered huge popularity in recent times.

Instagram has attempted to combat the rise of TikTok by launching the Reels but it isn’t enough. The social network that is owned by Meta (Facebook) has its sights fixed to the Chinese video application and continuously launches updates that mirror the main features and accomplishments of TikTok.

In this regard, Instagram is preparing to allow users to upload stories with longer durations that can last at least 60 minutes. They can currently be uploaded, however they’re divided into Stories, with the maximum length that is 15 seconds. When the new feature becomes available Stories can run as long as 60 seconds.

Instagram has not yet officially confirmed that it will implement the change, or when it will happen. The social media platform is informing certain users in Turkey of the news and offering them the option of uploading more video content without breaking it up into short 15-second Stories. This could be a preliminary test prior to the announcement of the potential to create Stories that last as long as 60 seconds the over one billion users Instagram has across the globe.

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