New Era In COD Mobile Of Season 11- “Final Snow” Has a Fantabulous Affect On Gamers

The Call of Duty: Mobile is coming out with a new season shortly and the battlefields will be covered in snow with the Christmas season just close by. This season will be referred to”Final Snow” and is also known as “Final snow” And here’s a few facts you need to be aware of before the season starts.

The update will bring exciting features such as the Icebreaker Multiplayer map, the PKM LMG and D13 Sector Launcher and The Munitions Skills of the Box Operator Undead Siege — Nightmare mode, and other holiday-themed modes. As with every season this battle pass is updated during the coming season and the rewards will be winter themed.


Activision has added a brand different map for the mode dubbed Icebreaker and will be making a return of the old fans’ favorites, Holiday Raid and Nuketown Russia. The maps offer players a hint of winter and anticipation of the upcoming holiday season.


The developers have also added 2 new game modes. The first is set to be added to multiplayer mode, and is dubbed “Snow Scuffle”. It is identical to Kill Confirmed but players need to collect snowballs rather than dog tags. They can be used to purchase upgraded items, and can also transform into an in-game snowman during the process.

A new mode for zombies will be added to the game. It is dubbed Nightmare mode. The players will be facing more difficult enemies using new Legendary Tier turrets, as well as Cranked zombies in the final game.


A variety of new holiday and seasonal themed events are planned for the game. Players earn points through playing BR mode and eventually creating a passcode that is locked to the location of their choice in BR maps. They then can go to these locations and continue trying to get rewards.

Additionally, players will be receiving massive discounts at the stores in-game to celebrate the start of the season. The discounts will last for the next 12 consecutive days. The seasons will be added in order to release the brand new content like the Special Ops 4 – Firefrost Operator Skin, a brand new Launcher known as D13 Sector Weapon Blueprints along with many more.

It is expected that COD Mobile Season 11 will launch on the 16th of December at 4PM PT or at 5:30 AM IST. Be sure to make sure to update your game as soon as you can so that you can enjoy the new holiday features within COD Mobile.

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