Best Minecraft Mods List 2018 for Minecraft Forge Game

Minecraft Mods is a very useful stuff when you play the Minecraft game. Minecraft is a very simple and interesting game which you can play on PC, Smartphone or other gaming consoles. The Minecraft game world is created with the block theme making it simpler in terms of looks and gameplay. Minecraft is a sandbox game; the controls of the game are also too easy where you can see the opponent or any other objects as you explore the world. This is an adventurous game and also full of action. And the mods will help you to be stronger and better so that you can conquer the Minecraft world. There are certain mods which are now newly launched for the latest Minecraft Forge Game. Whereas the old mods cannot be used, so here in this article we are going to give you the tops 10 best Minecraft mods list of 2018.


Minecraft Forge Game becomes more interesting when you got all the best mods. But the problem is that you can only use the limited mods at a time before starting the game. So you have to make sure you download those mods which are going to be perfectly built for your next mission. Well, all the mods are free to download and only if you have the Minecraft Forge game installed then you can download anything.

Top 7 Best Minecraft Mods list of 2018

But before downloading the mods, you should also know about how to install the mods on your game. Even after you have downloaded and place in your download folder on your PC then the mods will not be functional. So follow the below steps to successfully install any mods on your Minecraft Forge Game.

Install Mods in Minecraft Forge Game

  • You should first have Minecraft Forge game on your PC.
  • Press hold both the Windows + R key to open the Run, type %appdata% and click Run.
  • Locate the Minecraft folder and paste the newly downloaded Mods file on it.
  • Finally, launch the Minecraft game and check on the Mods option and then you will find out the new mods.

Important Note: You won’t be able to download any mods until you use the Minecraft Forge. So make sure you have downloaded and install the Minecraft Forge game.

Download the top 7 Best Minecraft Mods for the Minecraft Forge game

Now let us go to the list of mods which you can download easily and use them while playing the game. And the list are as follows-

1.     Shaders Mods

Shaders mods are the new mods that will help you get the realistic view in your Minecraft world. You will get clear water views, forest with smoother designs, and also trees & grasses having shadows.  You can also manage your shades suing this mod.


  • Get better looking Minecraft world.
  • You can also adjust the clouds, sky, trees and other stuff.
  • And most interestingly, you can also add rains and snows.

Click here to download Shaders Mods

2.     X-Ray

When you use the X-Ray mods you will get a clear view on everything. You can see beyond the blocks which will help you find out the hidden chest and also look into underwater. If you use this efficiently, you can easily locate your enemies and strike them hard with perfect attacks.


  • X-Ray (X key) Mods- with the help of this, you can see beyond the Blocks and also you can manage which on to watch or hide.
  • Cave Finder (C key) – with the help of this mod you can create a bright view so that you can see what’s present inside the cave and use it as a torch.
  • Full Bright (L key) – this mod will help you get full bright light when you are travelling in the dark or see under the water.

Click here to download X-Ray Mods

3.     VoxelMap

Minecraft is a huge world and having endless route and fields. So, when you are lost and could not come out to reach your destination then you should use the Voxel map. This is a mini map having coverage to all the area or blocks you have currently occurred.


  • Check your current position.
  • Locate the enemies and also chest.
  • You will get a real-time map.

Click here to download Voxel Map

4.     Too Much TNT

When you fight with a strong opponent or villain, you should have enough explosives. And with the help of Toomuch TNT mods, you will add different types of high-powered explosives into the game. Too Much TNT creates huge Explosives that can take down a whole area and also you can upgrade to increase the intensity of the explosions.


  • There are different kind of TNT like TNTx5, TNTx20 up to TNTx500 and also the intent=sity increase with its numbers.
  • Besides there is also Meteor TNT, Fire TNT, Snow TNT, Ocean TNT, Brick house TNT for bringing damage according to the needs in the battle.
  • There is so many other TNT which you can use on the Game.

Click here to download Too many TNT mods

5.     Mutant Creature mod

When you have to battle some mutant enemies, you can also create your own mutant creature and train them to fight the enemies.


  • You can create mutant creatures using the chemical X
  • Chemical X can also be used as a weapon when the potion is thrown at the enemies, they can easily infect and destroy the enemies.

Click here to download Mutant Creature

6.     Jurassicraft

You can also make the Minecraft world more interesting by adding dinosaur on the game. With the help of Jurassicraft, you are allowed to generate dinosaur. But to generate, you first have to collect fossil and match the DNA with a different kind of dinosaur to generate it in the game.


  • Easy to use, get the fossil and create a dinosaur of it.
  • You can create as many as dinosaur according to the fossil found.
  • Experience the pre-historic creatures and also creature like Dragons and beast to play in the game.

Click here to download Jurassicraft mods

7.     Mo’ Creature

When you see only block in the game, you would be bored but using this mod you can easily add creature. And the best thing about the creature is, you can use the creature for your benefits like riding.


  • You can add creatures like a bear, horse, Scorpion, and also other creatures like dragon, beast and much more.
  • All the creatures can easily be controls and use them for a ride and pet them to even defend you.

Click here to download Mo’ creature mods


So these are the top 7 Best Minecraft Mods list of 2018 for the Minecraft Forge game. When you play the game, you should also now about the best mods that will allow you to play the game more interestingly. Minecraft is a multiplayer game so if you have work on with mods more skilfully then you can easily beat your enemies in the game. There are also so many other mods which you can use but too many mods can also mess up things and ultimately you will lose. So choose your mods carefully to make sure you win every time.

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