Millions of Android Phone users are struggling to send or receive messages for the past few days. Are you too? Google issues a fix

Millions of Android users have been having trouble sending or receiving messages in recent days. Do you face similar problems? Well, there is nothing to worry about because there are others who have the same problem as you. Several OnePlus, Samsung, Motorola and other Android phone users have been reporting this text message in recent days. Read More – Pixel Font Comes to Android Keyboard: How to Get Gboard

Some users complained that they could not send or receive text messages, while others said there was a significant delay in delivering the message, up to 30 minutes. Yes, this can be a problem in the event of an emergency. Android phone users also went to Reddit to report the issue. Read more – Bumble, OkCupid and more Android apps are easily vulnerable to major security flaws

The question here is, why the problem? Read more – Google announces best Android apps in India, 2020 games

According to the report, the problem with the text message may be due to an update to Google’s carrier service software. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation from Google on this issue. The company also did not formally recognize the issue.

According to a review by Google Play Store, the carrier service software was updated on November 23 and has been updated to version 50.

It is said that uninstalling this software will fix the problem, but we recommend that you do not do so without proper knowledge. This is because the app launches the latest communication services and features in the Android Information App. Therefore, uninstalling the app from your Android phone may cause some other issues for you.

If you still want to uninstall this app from your Android device, just go to the “My Apps and Games” section of the Google Play Store and check the carrier service software. After the app is removed from the phone, it requires a restart of the Android phone. This can temporarily fix the SMS issue.

At the same time, Google has updated the software with bug fixes and stability improvements. Update the app to see if the issue is right for you.

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