Microsoft Updates New Control Panel Features In Windows 11

We’ve reported on Microsoft’s machinations with its own Edge browser a couple of times before and have seen everything from making it difficult to switch your default internet browser on Windows 11 to some extremely obvious advertisements when you download rival browsers. One thing we’ve seen Microsoft do in recent times has been block EdgeDeflector the software which was developed for redirecting custom Windows 11 links — that were designed for to only be able to open within Edge -redirecting you to your default browser rather than. This block is now been made available across everyone Windows 11 users as part of the build 22000.376.

At first, the EdgeDeflector block was shown within the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program, so it was evident that Microsoft had already planned to launch this feature, but it was difficult to determine when it would take place. According to the HowToGeek The most recent Patch Tuesday update rolled out this week and brought the block to the entire Windows 11 userbase, meaning that even more users are being forced to switch to Edge.

This is only applicable to custom-made links present within Windows 11 itself, such for when you click on an article in the Widgets pane or utilize Windows Search to search the web. These links employ a customized handler which redirects users to an Edge browser regardless of the default you use this is the case with the default that EdgeDeflector attempted to alter. The EdgeDeflector wasn’t the sole software which did this, however, since Mozilla’s Firefox browser also did something similar independently.

Fortunately, just a few days after EdgeDeflector was removed from Windows 11 Insider builds, another solution was discovered. The new application, dubbed MSEdgeRedirect, employs an alternative approach which “filters and passes the command line arguments of Microsoft Edge processes into your default browser”. At present, it isn’t blocked, which means you are able to make use of it to stay away from Edge completely. In contrast to other options, this one requires that the application be always running in order to redirect hyperlinks to the default browser.

There’s a high chance Microsoft will attempt to block this solution also as we don’t know when you’ll be able to count on it. At present it is possible to download MSEdgeRedirect on GitHub.

Web browser maker Vivaldi has recently criticized Microsoft in a recent report for anti-competitive actions when it comes to Edge and we’re hopeful that Microsoft will take note of the feedback of users and reduce it’s aggressive Edge marketing. The latest Windows 11 builds in the Dev channel have revealed indications of improvement, including Microsoft having added an option to alter your default web browser within the Settings app.

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