The Battery Powered TV Made By LG Is a Treat to Watch- Just Outstanding

CES 2022 is just a couple of weeks away, and we’re sure to be hearing a lot of stories regarding the most recent, flashiest TVs featuring Mini LED, OLED, MicroLED, and much more. However, before we reach, LG is making an early announcement to shine emphasis on two unique TVs coming this year in addition to what LG has planned for CES.

My personal favorite to me, is LG StanbyME 27-inch LCD that operates wirelessly using batteries, and then be rolled around on its adjustable height stand. (You can also remove the display from the stand if prefer to put it on the lap of your.) If the stand is attached the screen can rotate either tilted or tilted, or adjusted to portrait or landscape orientation.

LG claims that it’s StanbyME will last up to 3 hours on a single charge which means that while it’s able to be able to handle one or two movies with ease, you’ll need be aware of the run times and make sure it’s plugged in to run Titanic as well as Lord of the Rings marathons. LG isn’t the only company to make OLED 27-inch panels which is why we’re seeing an LCD display here. The company hasn’t yet shared details about its resolution, or other features, such as HDR.

The StanbyME comes with an interactive touchscreen and will include streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video as well as YouTube. It also supports NFC to mirror your smartphone. For connectivity, there’s an USB port, and an at-least an HDMI input. The back of the unit has a fabric appearance.

LG is also announcing its Objet, a sleek OLED TV designed to be leaning against a wall instead mounting or mounted on a stand. The cover made of fabric under the 65-inch display can be lowered or raised using the remote. According to LG it’s removable and comes in three colors , which are the result by “Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat.”

Like the ultra-luxury rollable OLED This offers the TV a variety of modes , such as Full View, which is easily explained, as well as Line View, which shows widgets like weather or music when a portion of the screen is covered by the elegant fabric. The Objet appears to be an attempt by LG to take its place in Samsung’s “lifestyle” TVs like The Frame.

The Objet makes use of the OLED Evo panel that was first introduced during 2021’s G1 Series and offers higher peak brightness than LG’s previous OLEDs. In terms of audio, the Objet has an 800-watt 4.2-channel speaker built in the device.

LG isn’t yet announcing prices or details on the release date for either StanbyME or Objet at the moment; we’ll hear more details about them once they’re available for display on the streets in the near future.

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