Krafton Releases Device Ban Policy For the Cheaters

Krafton launched Battlegrounds Mobile India after the ban on PUBG in India. It is a top battle royale mobile game. The game’s developers have strict rules regarding cheating. The permanent ban policy on devices has been established to justify their rigidity. The policy will ban any device that is used to cheat in the game.

Krafton banned 99,583 accounts at first and then shared a 722-page document that contained all banned accounts. Third-party software integration, altered game files, the use of unauthorized tools and playing with hackers are all factors that could lead to account ban on BGMI.

Policies of Krafton against cheating

Since the inception of PUBG, fair gameplay has been a priority at Krafton. With the release of the 1.7 update, hacks in BGMI have increased dramatically. Krafton’s original ban policy was to permanently remove accounts, but developers knew that they needed to create something more strict. Players who cheat will now be banned from using their devices permanently

Policy on permanent devices bans has an impact

The permanent device ban policy that was in effect from December 24th, will surely make it difficult for cheaters to use any medium to provide unfair competition. Krafton’s new policy is a step above the banning accounts. This step can be taken to assume that the monthly bans on accounts will decrease in number. It will also satisfy gamers who believe that fair play is possible.

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