Fix kernel security check failure during windows 10/8/8.1 install & RAM Upgrade?

Fix kernel security check failure: In Recent times, just after you finished installing the windows 10 on your computer? Most probably you have might have come across the problem that is Kernel Security Check Failure.


It is a failure error in which you will notice a Blue Screen and it is termed as BSOD error. The main reason behind the error is due to the compatibility issues of memory and driver or it can be due to corrupted system data.

In the system of computer the CPU are assigned to run in a set speed. And to run the CPU huge amount of RAM is mostly used. When the security failure occurs you must check whether the hard drive is working correctly or not. And note that it is plugged into a right way with your computer, also if you are having an additional hard drive then try changing it.

Most of the windows 10 users have been facing this problem, but there is not to be worried about. Here we will be discussing with you how to fix the security check failure of kernel or BSOD error. It can be easily fixed all you have to do is go through solutions.

The solution that we are about to provide here has fixed the problems.

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Possibilities of Kernel Security Check Failure:

Before we get started let us take a look on some short details of the reasons behind the errors. We have listed out some points due to which we experience kernel security errors on our windows OS.

  • One of the main reasons behind the kernel security check failure is the outdated version of drivers.
  • Mostly the software gets corrupted and it caused due to disk drive problems.
  • Due to the presence of corrupt files in the system or due to virus or infected files.
  • The kernel security check failure also occurs at the time of installation.

Fix Kernel security Check Failure?

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Solution 1: Fix the error with command line utility tool

Here, we will be using the system file checker which is perhaps a command line utility tool. With the help of it you can perform system files check and repair the corrupted files.

Below are the steps to fix the kernel security failure by using system file checker.

  • First Step: At first, launch “Command Prompt” and “Run as administrator”.

  • Second Step: Into the Administrator Command Prompt you will have to enter “sfc/scannow”. And then hit the enter key.

  • Third Step: close the window of command prompt on your PC screen, after that restart device.

But keep one thing in mind that you should not exit the window of command prompt, until the verification is totally done. And by this time kernel security check failure will be fixed, if there is any corrupt disk drive in your PC.

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Solution 2: Fix the security errors by using system file check, memory Diagnostic

Still you are able to fix the kernel security check failure problem, then no need to worry. When your windows fails to run successfully, just follow these instructions to fix it.

  • First Step: At first, go to the settings and then choose advance options. After that startup open the “Startup Settings” to change windows startup behavior.

  • Second Step: Now go to the restart button and perform left-click form the screen. And then it is necessary that your OS should start to boot by using minimum system requirements.  
  • Third Step: After your computer finished to get boot, click on the “search feature” that is at menu options.

  • Fourth Step: Now enter “cmd” into the search box. And then open the command prompt, run as administrator and type the below mentioned command: Sfc/scannow and press the enter key.

  • Fifth Step: Wait for a moment to complete the scanning process. And enter “exit” to exit the window of Command Prompt. Press Enter key.
  • Sixth Step: After that go for the search feature and then enter “memory” into the search option. Also choose Windows Memory Diagnostic, run it as administrator and choose the option “Restart now and check for the problems” from the screen.

  • Seventh Step: Now reboot your device, the operating system of your PC will run RAM memory check. And then you will notify the reasons behind the kernel security check failure or BSOD.

Once again you will have to reboot your PC and check on whether the problem is fixed or not. If not then apply the next solution.               

Solution 3: Fix the error log by using event viewer

In case, solution 2 did not give you the solution to the security check errors. Try out these one and the steps are explained below.

  • First Step: launch the administrator tools on your computer, and choose the “computer management” option as shown in the screenshot provided below.

  • Second Step: After that, you will have to right-click on the “Event Viewer” for expanding it. And then select the “Windows log”.

  • Third Step: After that click on the system and then you will notice a lists of drivers that are installed on your PC.

In order, to recognize the error in the driver of the device you will have to check on errors of the messages. After you finish checking, if there is any issue found in the driver then you have to disable it. Now restart your device and see if the problem is fixed or not.

Solution 4: Fix by using legacy advance boot menu option

In this solution, you have to enable the advance boot to fix the error of kernel security check. Follow the instruction that is provided below in step-wise.

  • First Step: At first, you need to restart your device, insert “Windows 10 bootable media”, right into the optical media drive.
  • Second Step: Into the dialogue box of windows set up option, you have to select the next button. And after that, in the next screen to perform repair your PC. Click.
  • Third Step: Now you will see “Choose an option “screen, simply right-click on the Troubleshoot to Refresh or to reset your PC, or to use the advance tools option.

  • Fourth Step: After that click on the ‘’Advanced options’’. And then choose “Command Prompt” option to use the Command Prompt for advanced troubleshooting.

  • Fifth Step: Into the new window of the Command Prompt, you will have to type C and then press the enter key on your keyboard.
  • Sixth Step: After that, into the window of C: Prompt Enter the command as given below and hit enter key. It will enable legacy of the advanced boot menu.


After you successfully entered the command, you will have to type “Exit” which will close the window of command prompt.

  • Seventh Step: Now you will have to return to the screen “Choose an option”. And click to continue and your windows will get start normal.

Solution 5: Fix the errors by updating PC drivers

This solution is simple and easy to perform all you need to do is go through the solution that is given below.

  • First Step: Go to the Control Panel and click on “Hardware and Sound” settings option.

  • Second Step: Into the next page, click on the “Device Manager” and then using your mouse press right-click on each category. Also choose any of the driver icon that appears yellow in color and choose “properties”

  • Third Step: Into the window of properties, you will have to click on Driver option. Check on the Driver Details to view details about the installed driver files.
  • Forth Step: After that click on the “Update Driver” for updating driver of your PC.

Now for the update process to complete and this will fix the “kernel security check failure”.

Solution 6: Scan for the errors in hard disk   

When it comes to the error of the kernel security check failure there are many possibilities. To find out the errors into the hard disk you can use the Prompt command that is chkdsk /f C:

Instead of that you can also use default tool for checking the errors in the hard disk. Follow the steps that are given below.

  • First Step: Open My computer by right-click on the icon with your mouse. Choose the drive that you want to check.
  • Second Step: After that, right-click on the drive and you will see properties option. Just click on it.   


  • Third Step: Now select Tools option and you will see Error-checking section. This will check on the errors if there is any in the drive. To perform that, click “Check now”.

In this way, you will be able to scan for the errors and then fix it if there is found any.

Solution 7: Fix the problem by running SFC and partition manager

It works by repairing the corrupted files in the system that leads to kernel security errors. To run the system file checker, first you will have to enter “cmd” into the search box. After that click on command prompt option and choose to run it as administrator. And enter “sfc/scannow” and press the enter key. It will allow you to check on the corrupted files and repair them.

And you can also fix the problem by running partition manager. Before we get started remember that if there are bad sectors on the hard drive or partition, then it is likely that you will not experience normal boot. And this may cause blue screen of death on your computer screen but partition manager software will fix the errors.

Follow these steps that are provided below. Click here to download the software.

  • First Step: At first, open the EaseUS Partion Master by making right-click using mouse on the system partition. After that you have to select Check partition as shown in the screen shoot given.

  • Second Step: After that select the way that you wish to check partition. At first go to check partition properties and after that choose the call windows Ckdsk for checking out the errors. Now surface test and then Click Ok button.

  • Third Step: Now you will have to allow EaseUS partition Master that will check and repair the internal errors in automatic mode.

In this manner all the corrupted files in the system will be detected and erased. And the kernel security check failure problem will be fixed.

Solution 8: Fix the kernel security check failure issues

You will have to run a scan of the full system for searching virus or infected files. Virus may create issues on your PC that leads to the check failure errors. We will recommend you to use windows defender or any other virus or malware detector software.

Below are the instructions on how to perform running scan on your updated Creators windows 10.

  • First Step: Click on the start menu of your windows. Now enter “defender” and to launch it by double-click on the icon of windows defender.

  • Second Step: Into the screenshot as shown below you will see a shield that is on the left-side. Just click on the icon.
  • Third Step: After that, in the next screen if you scroll down you will notice Advance scan button below “Quick Scan”. Click on it.

And also you can check on the full scan option for performing the full system scan of malware. In case, the antivirus that you are using is not able to remove the virus. If it is then we recommend you to install different types of anti-virus.    


Here, we have gathered all the necessary details and information that you need to know kernel security check failure. This is a common error which causes blue screen of death that occurs in your windows 8.1 & 10. But in the case you are experiencing hardware fail HDD, and it could be RAM memory of your computer.

At this moment, you need to replace it. All the above provided solution will fix the errors of security check failure or the BSOD errors. By this time, we hope that you have got the solution of the problem or the errors that causing you trouble. Kernel security error is a temporary problem and it can be fixed.

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