How To Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

In this modern era, everyone uses the internet as it is a vital necessity. Almost half of the global population are using this platform in their day to day life. But do you know many people faces problem with this error. The reason behind having this problem can be many. We are sure at least once in lifetime you might have surely come across this problem. Many say it is due to bad internet speed or some problem related to the internet but this is not so true.

The reason behind having this problem is not always internet but sometimes it is the fault of our system too. So today we will discuss how we can fix this common error. Here we will be discussing different solutions as DNS probe finished no internet error problem can occur for many reasons. We will discuss the top solution to sort out this problem. So let’s begin.

Ways to Fix DNS Probe Finished no Internet Error

Listed below are some working procedure to fix this error. These techniques are used by many and you do not need to be a techy to use those techniques.

Using the Command Prompt

By using the command prompt option you can sort out this problem for that first you have to open the windows command option. To open that type CMD in the Windows search option and hit the enter button. There is another way to open simply use the windows key + R and then type for CDM and click on enter. Once you are done with this command prompt option will open and then type the following codes which are given in the below picture.

Once you had executed those code tap into enter and restart your PC. After this procedure, your problem might get solved.

If this above-mentioned code does not sort out your problem then the problem may be with the Internet Protocol address. By renewing the IP address may sort you out from this problem. To do that open the command prompt and type Ipconfig/release, then click into enter. Once this procedure is over again type ipconfig/renew & click into enter just like the picture given below.

There should not be any gap between ipconfig followed by the forward slash.

The next procedure will be flushing the DNS which can solve your problem. To do that you have to open your command prompt and type there ipconfig/flushdns then simply click on enter just like the picture shown below.

Once all the command shown above are given please restart your PC. Hope this will easily sort out your problem.

The next option will be changing the DNS address to open the DNS.

By Changing the DNS Address for Opening DNS

Maximum people get benefited by using this technique. To do that you have to change the computers normally obtained DNS server addresses to open DNS. Now on the network icon you have to right click from windows taskbar after this click on the network and sharing center. The below-given picture will help you.

Once this procedure is over find out the LAN connection option and click that. Now from another windows click on the properties. Once this procedure is over you have to select the internet protocol version 4 and then go to properties again. Now on the new windows choose the radio option which says “Use the following DNS server addresses. Now go to the Preferred server box of DNS and types this & on the other box type & go for the check box which says validate setting up to exit and then click on OK. Follow the picture shown.

Doing this process will completely change the computer DNS server setting. Once all these processesis overloaded your web page to check whether all your problem is solved or not. If then your problem is not solved then go for clear cache, reinstall the browser.

By Clearing Cache and Reinstalling the Web Browser.

By clearing the cache can help you to get rid of this problem to do that open your Google Chrome and then go to Control and customize button which will be situated at the right corner from the top and then for the settings. Now you have to scroll below & execute on the show advance settings. Now there will be an option below privacy option which will be clear browser data click on that. Now go to the new windows and check the cache box which says cookies, plugins, cached images, other site, and the files after all those things click on the clear browser data. This should solve the error.

If you are using FireFox use this technique. First, you have to go to history and then click on the recent history. Once this is done click on the details option. Now from here check the cookies and caches and then click on the option clear now to empty up. Clearing cache is much easier as compared to that of chrome.

Even after this, the problem is not solved then go for the option to reboot, power cycle the router.

Reboot Power Cycle the Router

To use this procedure you have to reboot the router right from the router setting. After this procedure access to your routers setting from the link which we will mention below. Here enter anadmin as username & password. Listed below are the links.

  • TP-link:
  • Linksys:
  • 3Com:
  • D-Link:
  • Belkin :
  • Netgear:
  • Micromax:

Just after you drop here you have to find out the system tool. To do that first you have to reboot and then go for reboot button. Just like the picture is given below.

Once this procedure is over try to reload your page hope this time it will surely sort out the problem.

Final Word

So these were the procedures to fix the DNS probe finished no internet error problem. All the above-mentioned steps are tested and they work well so try it today and get ride for this problem instantly. There are many people across the globe who are using this strategy to get ride from this problem now it is your turn. Mentioned above are the top best ways.

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