How To Extend or Reset Trial Period Of Any Software?

You can download different types of software from any website in the internet. Even though if the software is free to download on your PC, but it has got some limitation. Most of the software comes with limitation of trial period. Which means until sometime you will be able to use full features of the software, but after that you will need to pay some amount for the license. So after the trial date is over, you will start getting irritating notification on your system to renew with premium. Many of you may try to get some cracked license, but those are just useless. As all those license are just fake and outdates. So you need a better way to extend trial period of any software.

So today here we have come with lots of methods by following which you can easily extend or reset trial period of any software. But in all these methods you will not need to use any kind of fake license key to reset the trial period. So if you want to get rid of those irritating notifications of activating the premium verison of any software. Then simply follow these steps, as you simply need to do some technical stuffs on your PC. So let’s head forward and check out the steps for how to reset trial period of any software.

Method to extend trial period of any software:

1. RunAsDate software to extend or reset trial period of any software

To promote software, companies make their software available with full functionalities for a limited period of time. When your trial period expires they prompt you a message to buy that product. It is a common business policy of all software companies. But with RunAsDate software, you can extend and also can edit the date and time of the trial period.


First, you need to download the software RunAsDate and Install it on your desktop. It supports every latest version of Windows.


Launch the application and from its interface browse the software that you want to extend the trial period. Now select the date and time.


You have done it. Now you can directly launch the application and also can create a desktop icon.

Following the above steps, you can easily extend or reset trial period of any software using RunAsDate software. So download now and use any software for life time.

2. Delete Registry to extend trail period of any softwares

Without using any software you can extend the trial period of any software simply by deleting the registry of the software. Follow the below mentioned steps.


You have to uninstall the software that you are looking to extend the trail period. After successful uninstallation, restart your device.


Now click on the start button and open Run. In its text box type regedit and click enter key. A new window will open.


 Now click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE and the name of the software. If you have found any name of the software delete it.


Same as above steps click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software and if you have found any name of your software delete that name too. Now close the registry window.


Again go to start button and Type Run. A window will open, type %temp% in the textbox and hit enter. A window will open with all types of temporary file. Select all and hit the delete button. Some files you can’t able to delete so simply leave those.


Now go to your C drive and open folder Appdata. In the folder Appdata you will get three fodder-Local, Roaming and LocalLow. Open every folder and search for any instances of the software that you are going extend the trial period. If there present any instances delete all those instances.

Restart your computer and install the software again. So by doing this you will be able to use any software for lifetime and that too for free of cost. You may not be able to follow this method on some of the software. But you can follow the third method that is given below.

3. Extend or reset trial period of any software using Time Stopper software

Time Stopper is a very popular and widely used software to hack trial period of any software. This application is totally free and doesn’t require any registration. Time Stopper freezes the trial period by stopping the timer of the software. Once the trial period of the software expires, Time stopper can’t able to hack back the time. Follow the below steps and extend the trial period of any software using Time Stopper.


First, you need to download this software. Now install the software on your desktop. After the successful installation, click on the browse button present on its interface.


Select the software you want to extend the trial period. Now change the date from its inbuilt calendar and type the name for a shortcut on the desktop.


That’s all. Above we have mentioned an ultimate guide to extend or reset trial period of any software easily. Try any of the above mentioned ways and own any software for life time. All those steps will break all the limitations of any software. So before the trial period expires try our above mentioned steps. If this article seems helpful then share it on the social network. If you have any query regarding any steps, then drop your query in the below comment box. We will assist you as soon as possible.

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