How To Hack Android Games With Gamecih?

“How to hack android games with gamecih” is a popular keyword in Google search engine. Today I am going to explain what is gamecih and how to hack android games using gamecih. Gamecih is a rooted android app which is one of the best hacking apps for android. Before going to the process, first of all let you know what gamecih does? Here is complete step by step process to hack android games with gamecih.

Hack Android Games With Gamecih

Gamecih And How To Use It ?

As I explained above gamecih is hacking app for android through which you can hack almost all the android games including most popular games like temple run, subway surfers, clash of clans, temple run 2, dr.driving, hill climb racing, dream league soccer and many other games. Through this gamecih app, you can hack resources like coins, gems, diamonds, score, cash, gold, boosters, power etc.. Gamecih will change the values at particular address. In this article I am going to explain how to use gamecih and how to hack android games with gamecih. Gamecih only works in rooted android devices.

How To Hack Android Games With Gamecih ?

Now here comes the process. Now follow these steps to hack android games with gamecih. Here is step-by-step procedure to hack android games using gamecih.  Steps to be followed to hack android games are:

Step 1: Download Gamecih app and install app on your rooted android device. Download From Here.

Download Gamecih app

Step 2: Then tap to open gamecih app and grant Super User permissions.

Step 3: Now open the game you want to hack, In this I will explain by taking subway Surfers game as example. After opening you will see a small  rectangular box at the top of the screen.

Step 4 : Now you have to check for keys,coins,gold,money which you want to modify.Here I will modify the number of keys which is now having 3 keys.

step 5 : Now click on search button which  shows as shown below.

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Step 6: Here I want to increase number of keys so select input number and enter 3.You have to input number of keys,coins,diamonds,gold which you want to modify.

Step 7 : Now screen appears as follows

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Step 8: Now spend some keys. Here I used 3 keys. Mainly  we have to change the number of the keys, either we can increase or decrease it. Here, I decrease the number of keys by spending them. Now there is 0 keys remaining.

Step 9: Repeat steps 5,6,7 your screen appears as

Step 10 : Now tap  on the number file and an entry box pops up. Fill it with your desired amount of coins, keys, scores and hit modify. Here, I put 500 and click modify.

Step 11 : Now click on lock for permanent changes your screen appears like

Step 12 :Now hit back button and see the keys. This is the process to hack android games with gamecih.


That’s it. This is a simple process to hack android games with gamecih. But gamecih works in some devices only.

That’s it process is completed enjoy. This is simple way to hack android games using in android using Gamecih. If you have any doubts please comment below.

This trick may not work for some games, but works for many top games like hill climb racing, temple run, subway surfers and some other games. This is the entire method for Hack Android games using Gamecih. This whole procedure takes five minutes to be completed. I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this Hack Android games using Gamecih tutorial helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.

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