20+Free TV Streaming Sites 2018 to Watch TV Shows and Series Online

Watching tv shows and series are the best thing in our leisure time. There are many who are just addicted to it and they just can’t think of a day without those shows. In a day there are almost hundreds of tv shows and series which run on different sites but some of us are unaware of those. These shows and series can be found in sites and today we will be discussing about those site and how you can visit those site and make the most out of those site.


The most attractive part about those sites is that these sites are easily accessible from anywhere. Even on the go which is the most advantageous part of these sites and the sites get a whole lot of features loaded into them. These websites are fast efficient and provide you with best in the class picture quality. Now after listening to all those things we are quite sure that you are curious to know more about those websites. So without doing any further delay let’s start the discussion. The sites which we will be mentioning are best in their class and have gained lots of good reviews.

Here we are sharing a complete list of free tv series streaming sites to watch free tv series online at home. So just check out this list:

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Best Free TV Streaming Sites to watch TV shows and series online:

Here we will list out some of the best free tv streaming sites to watch tv shows and series online. These sites have tons of features loaded into them.


Watching your desired Tv shows and series on this site can be one of the best experiences. In this site, you get the facility to select your desired nation and according to that, you can find out your desired shows and tv series. There are many people across the globe who are using this site and also have experienced good feedback. The site has a collection of some great channel and some of the most collected channel from across the globe. The search option on this website makes the task to search your desired channel more easy and smooth. How can we miss out the user interface, it is one of the best and all things are situated just at the right place which makes your task easier.


Hulu this site has something for each and every people, let it be young or old this site has a huge collection of shows and series. This site has a huge follower base with daily visitors of over millions. The user interface of this site is very attractive and flashy which makes it look fresh and attractive. This becomes easy to navigate through for any new visitor. This site can be operated from different platforms which make it very easy for all kinds of the user to use it.

Amazon Prime

We are sure you have surely heard about it before. This website provides you with best in class quality of streaming with all the latest updates. The user interface of this website is very advanced and updated with all the latest updates showing on the home page. Not only tv shows you can even stream online latest movies on this site too. There are many who uses this website frequently and at an alarming rate.


This is the most famous website to watch your tv shows and series for free. Not only that you can even watch different types of matches on this site. This website has the best in class picture quality with a very good resolution. The user interface of this website is very advance and self-explanatory. You also get the facility of watching previous shows on this website. Just like other website here to you get a search option at the right top corner of the website. You also get different genres at this website for best of the experience.

Side Reel

There are many who finds problem in watching online shows due to bad internet speed but with side reel, things are not the same. This site can stream videos in a low internet speed which makes things get easy and smooth. The huge collection on this site makes it complete. This site has everything for almost all kinds of people visiting their site. There is a search option too to navigate out your desired program easily. Streaming video is free on this website which helps many users use this website.


Where other websites are very attractive looking with lots of features loaded into them here this site might upset you with its looks and features. The home page of this website is not much equipped with all features. Though you can stream your shows for free but it does not have a great collection. You can even search your desired shows with the help of search option on this site. At the middle of this web site, you can get all kinds of genre from which you can select your desired one and enjoy your show.


Among all the other streaming sites this site has all kinds of latest updates with some of the best features loaded in them. Here you can search your shows according to their alphabet. You also get the search option which is situated at the left corner of the website. You also get huge collection of movies on this site too. All those things can be streamed for free. Here you get a huge genre to from where you can select your desired show.

TV Duck

With a collection of over 10,000 shows, this site is one of the best sites for online tv shows and series. The site has a huge collection of updates and also the fastest as compared to any other site. You can easily view this site from different platforms like a smartphone, tablet, PC etc. The user interface of this very advanced and fast with a whole lot of feature loaded into it.

TV Land

This website looks very classy and up to the mark. Here viewing your desired show is very easy. Without downloading or signing up you can easily enter and view your desired tv shows. The site comes loaded with different types of shows with top collections which makes it one of the most used site. The user interface is not up to the mark but it looks somehow decent.


In term of collection of shows, no one can beat Uverse. This website has collection of over 6.5 lakhs shows which include all kinds of categories. Over millions of users come to this website daily so that they can get the maximum out of it. In terms of updates, the site has some of the fastest updates as compared to any other sites. You will get a search option too which will help you to find out your desired shows easily and smoothly.


So these are some of the best online free streaming tv and series sites. The sites which we have mentioned here are some of the best sites and to watch tv shows and series for free. From these sites you do not need to download as you can directly visit these site and search for your desired shows and start watching. You do not need to sign up even but if you want you can. Many people across the globe are using these sites now it is your turn to take the maximum of the entertainment out of these sites.

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