Fortnite- The Epic Game Is Finally Coming Back Soon On iOS

As a result of the new collaboration between Epic Games and Nvidia GeForce Now, Fortnite can be re-launched on Apple’s hardware.

The name of the popular Battle Royale was removed from iOS devices in August 2020, and after a legal dispute between Epic and Apple was blacklisted in September last year, it seems that iPhone and iPad developers will not be able to return to Fortnite.

Although Nvidia has released a closed trial version, it allows GeForce Now members to stream the game to their smartphones through the iOS Safari browser or the GeForce Now Android app.
And to make this feel like a real return to iOS devices, beta players allow Fortnite to use the mobile touch controls – although you can use the gaming experience for a better experience.
Beta has been selected for registration and the selected participants will be able to access it later this month. But the good news is that according to Nvidia, “no paid GeForce Now membership is required.”

Free members can only access the streaming functionality simulated by the main hardware, can only be played within an hour from startup, and are forced to join the waiting team. For $ 9.99 / $ 9.99 / AU $ 19.99 per month, developers can upgrade to a Priority membership of servers that can handle 1080p at six hours of conference and 60FPS.

For $ 99.99 / $ 89.99 every six months, you can access RTX 3080-level eight-hour seating and server simulated gaming devices using the RTX 3080 GPU.

Paid layers are important when logging in to the server for regular use, but it’s unclear whether Nvidia will also have an important role to play when it comes to selecting closed-end test players. We have reached out to Nvidia to find out.
Even if you don’t successfully join the test, don’t despair – Nvidia has said that in the next few weeks a number of new players will be added when testing the server load.

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