How To Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Showing Error or Icons Missing

The Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the most popular and the best operating system made by Microsoft. The Microsoft created a lot of buzz around the Windows 10 before its arrival in the market. The Windows 10 was released and accepted by most of the computer users as it was free for few months for all existing Windows users.


The Windows 10, just like other operating systems is not bug-free. The Microsoft is not capable of removing all of the bugs from OS before releasing the version. The most common error or the flaw in the Windows system is the Windows 10 Taskbar icons missing. The Windows 10 Taskbar icons missing is one of the most annoying errors I’ve ever seen or experienced. If you are facing the same error and annoyed because of it, then you’ll need a proper solution to fix this issue. In this post, I’ll share some of the best methods to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar icons missing the issue.

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How To Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Icons Missing Problem

Method 1 – Run System File Checker

The System File Checker is the integrated tool that comes with the Windows 10 operating system to check the integrity of the System components. If any of the core system components are corrupted, then you may see that the Taskbar icons are missing. The System File Checker scans the System components and Restores the corrupted elements and fixes most of the issues with the single scan.

Here is how you can perform a System File Checker scan to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar icons Missing issue.

* First of all, open the Windows Command Prompt in Administrative mode. TO do this, press “Windows + X” Key combination on the keyboard and you’ll see Start Menu options. Now, click on the “Command Prompt (Administrator)” to open the Command Prompt with Admin Privileges.

* In the Command Prompt, type “sfc /scannow” without quotes and press ENTER.

* The Windows will now run the System File Checker tool. The process may take few minutes to run.

* If found any corrupted files, the SFC tool will replace the files with the fresh ones.

* After completion of the System File Checker Process, Close the Command Prompt and Restart your Computer.

This is the most common methods that are working right now to fix the Windows 10 Taskbar icons missing the error. If you are not getting the Windows 10 Taskbar Missing icons back after trying this method, then try another method.

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Method 2 – Install Latest Windows Updates

The Microsoft releases necessary updates to Windows users. THe updates are included with the new features and Bug fixes. Upon discovery of the Bug, Microsoft immediately releases the update to fix the bug. So, you should install the latest updates ASAP on your system. Here is how you can install Latest Windows Updates to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Icons Missing error.

* First of all, Press the “Windows + S” key combination on the keyboard. This will open the Start Menu search bar.

* In the search bar, search for “Updates.”  In the Updates, you’ll see the “Check for Updates” button. Click on it to find if there are any latest updates available to download.

* Now, click on “Update” to download and install the updates. This process will take some time depending on your internet speed.

* After completing the update, you should restart the computer to apply the updates.

Now, you’ll see that the Windows Taskbar icons missing error is fixed.

The Windows updates method may not work for all of the computers. Sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it’ll not. So, if this process not works, then you should try another method.

Method 3 – Enable Icons from Taskbar Settings

The Taskbar settings have the options for you to add or remove the different icons. You can customize the icons from the taskbar settings. If you are facing the Windows 10 Taskbar icons missing error, then you should try this method.

* First of all, right click on the Taskbar and click on “Properties.”

* In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties, click on the “Taskbar” tab and then find “Customize” button. Click on the Customize Button to open the options to customize the Taskbar icons.

* In the next window, click on the “Notifications and Actions.” Now, on the Right side of the window, click on the “Select Which icons appear on Taskbar” link.

* This will open a new window where you’ll see the options to customize the icons that’ll appear on the Taskbar. Toggle the icons that you want to see on the taskbar, and you’re good to go.

* Just check the Taskbar to see if the icons are appearing now or not. If not appearing then

* restart the computer to let changes to take effect.

This method will work for most of the computers. I used this way on my computer when the error popped out of nowhere.

Method 4 – Reinstall or Restore Windows

Sometimes, all of the methods mentioned above will not work for someone. If you are the one who is not able to resolve this error even after trying all of the ways I’ve mentioned in this post, then you need to Reinstall or Restore the Windows 10 on your computer.

* To Reinstall the Windows 10 OS, you’ll need the Windows 10 installation DVD or the Pen Driver. But, you can Restore Windows without any need of the Windows Installation DVD or Pen Drive. Here is how you can Restore the Windows 10 quickly to Fix Taskbar Icons Missing Error.

* First of all, open the Windows 10 Settings Window. Search for the “Settings” in Search Menu and open it. Alternatively, you can Press “Windows + A” key combination to open the Action Center and then open the Settings from it.

* In the Settings Window, click on the “Updates and Security” and choose the “Recovery” tab from the left pane.

* In the Recovery Options, click on the “Get Started” button below the “Reset this PC” option.

* Follow on-screen instructions to reset and Restore the windows.

* If you are not willing to lose the files stored in the C:// drive, then you can choose the same option while Restoring the Windows 10.

This method will work 100% of the times. Well, you should not Reinstall or Restore the Windows if any one of the above ways has worked for you.

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Conclusion | How to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Icons Missing Error

So, these are some of the best and working methods to Fix the Windows 10 Taskbar Icons Missing Error within minutes. The Microsoft team is continuously working on providing the bug fixes to the Windows 10 users. But sometimes if the issue is minor, just like the Taskbar Icon Missing error, then you should not find any particular bug fix update from Microsoft. In such cases, you’ll find the nifty tricks and method handy to solve the issue.

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