How To Fix This Webpage Has a Redirect Loop Problem

The world of internet is growing at a faster pace. The prevailing generation just can’t think anything without the internet. So today’s article will be all about how to fix this web page has a redirected loop problem. Now you might be thinking what is that, it is not a new thing but for those who are new to internet might sound alienating. Did you ever face such problem when the internet goes off and this thing comes up? Then let me tell you that this problem does not occur always due to bad internet connection, sometimes it occurs due to some internal problem of your browser.


So, today we will be discussing about some of the ways which will help you to solve this web page issue or the redirect loop problem. There are many people across the globe who have been a victim of this problem. Might be you too have come across this problem. But don’t worry here we will discuss the perfect solution for this problem. The listed solutions of this problems are tried and tested and work pretty well. So without doing any further delay let’s start the discussion. But before we start the discussion lets us discuss about web page redirection.

Webpage Redirection:

For example, you are having a blog or website with a particular domain name. Now due to some reason, you have to purchase a new domain name and automatically you have to move your website to a new web address. Now, as a result, this will create a change in the URL of the web page. Now the browser does not appreciate any changes on the URL as the visitors of the page won’t be able to reach the address easily. So, in that case, the message pop up 301 and redirect code which makes the old URL Redirect to the new URL automatically. This was all about web page redirection. Now let’s find out the solution of the problem.

Solution to the Problem:

Listed below are some of the ways which will help you to get rid of this problem

By deleting the Cookies

The problem may occur due to cookies and many have given this problem as the major one. So to use this technique first you have to open your Chrome browser and then click on the menu button which is situated at the top right corner of the browser. Now from there go to the settings.

Now in the settings option, you will get a search option where you have to type the problem, in this case, it will be cookies.

Now on that place click on clear browsing data button once you click on that a box will come up. From there select the option cookies and other site and plug-in data. Once you are done with that click on the Clear browsing data option.

Once you are done with this close the browser and start it again. Now go back to the URL again this time it won’t show the problem. Follow this steps and you will out of the problem

By checking your Htaccess file

If by doing the above step did not solve your problem then try this. Visit the Htaccess file which will be one of the last option for the users. Normally this stage does not come but if occurred then visit here. Normally the developers are expert in this. So this was how you can finally sort out the problem.

By giving a check on your systems time zone & time

We know many won’t be aware of it but sometimes it’s found that systems time zone & time might create the problems. Normally, it happens when you are traveling as the time zone does not match. So to solve this issue first you have to press the windows key and the Q letter together which will open the phrase. Now enter there and give a right click on the taskbar which will be at the right bottom and from there select the option adjust data and time from the menu. Now from there change the time you can even use the internet time for making the change. The procedure to change is very easy every instruction will be given on that place. Once you are done with the setting of the time now you have to verify the system’s server to do that visit www. Time. and then click the option update now. This will hopefully solve your problem.

By Nuking the browser

By simply resetting the system will help you to solve your problem. Many have tried this technique to resolve the problem and maximum of them got good feedback. So to do that go to the browser’s settings and then again click on settings menu then click advance then hit the reset button to solve the problem. Resetting will remove all things from your system like your browser history your password, your user name, your theme. Your settings. The system will return back to its stage as how it was during the new download. In normal cases bring the browser at this stage sort out the problem. To gain access again to your browser log in again how you did the first time you log in. There are many people across the globe who tried this technique and received good feedbacks.

Final Words:

So these were some of the techniques which will help you get rid of the webpage has a redirect loop problem. The points mentioned above are the best and many have tried and got satisfactory results. Mostly the problem occurs due to cookies but in some cases, cookies does not make any effect. So here we have discussed both the alternative solutions which will help you to sort out your problem, let it be in any situation your browser is in. As now you have all the information’s and solutions to sort out the problem try it and sort out the problem with your browser.

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