How To Fix a 500 Internal Server Error WordPress (With Video)

Most of you may be familiar with the term Internal Server Error. And you may have faced it several times while serving the internet on your PC. But do you have the idea on how to fix a 500 Internal Server Error on your web browser? Today, here we will mention the several ways to fix the internal sever problems that will provide solution.

Before you fix the errors, it is important to know the reason behind the errors. Most of the possible reason behind the 500 internal Server Error is the “root directory”. The other possibilities of the error can happen due to the problem in your “host server”.


Internal Server Error is usually seen in the WordPress and it is very irritating. But you don’t have to worry about this problem any longer, as we are going to provide the solutions that can fix the errors.

Learn the ways to Fix a 500 Internal Server Error:

Watch This video:

Get a backup of your website:

When it comes to the solution of a 500 Internal Server Error, the very first thing you must try out is backing up your website. It is the way to fix that needs lot of changes into the root directory of your website. It is strongly suggested to get a backup of your site as it is set as priority when anything happen wrong.

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Popular Solutions for 500 Internal Server Error:

Popular solutions for 500 Internal Server Error are “corrupted .htaccess file” and “exceeding your server’s PHP memory limit”. Into the WordPress the “htaccess file” can get corrupted, just after you finish to install a plugin or you can make the changes into the website of the WordPress.

To fix the error, you have to create a new “.htaccess file”. And the PHP memory limit error happens to be due to running of badly-coded plugin running on your website. After that you will reach the over PHP memory limits that is set by the provider of your host.

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Create a New .htaccess File to fix corrupted files:

By creating a new .htaccess File you will able to get escape from the corrupted file. And also learn to run a test for taking care of exceeding the PHP memory limits. Here you will have to open up the root directory of WordPress in FileZilla or FTP client. It is usually known as public-html.

When you notice the folders with a name wp-admin and also the wp-content, this simply means you are in the correct place. And when you don’t notice the .htaccess file, then all you have to do is set the “hidden files” by simply clicking on the serve. Also you can set into the “Force Showing Hidden Files”.

Now as you as you get .htaccess file, you have do right-click and then rename it into .htaccess.bak. In doing so, it will delete the your website .htaccess file and then you have to create new. After that visit the WordPress admin location and go to settings. And then choose the permalinks, scroll down the bottom most portion of the page and select to click “Save Changes”.   In this way 500 Internal Sever Error will be fixed instantly.

Check on the WordPress plugins:

One of the reasons, behind the error of the 500 Internal Server Error is due to the problems of WordPress Plugins. To fix the problem you can simply try out to fix the error by deactivating the “new plugin” and the reload your site.

Also the situation can also be that you are not able to get an access into the dashboard of the WordPress. And you can also make the use of either FTP or cPanel for navigating the folders of the plugins into the wp-content folder.

Rename the folder of the plugins it may be the old plugins. After that you have to reload your site which is just after activating the plugins one after another. Now you check whether your site 500 Internal Server error is fixed or not. And the error is still there than you have facing some other errors in your browser.

Check on the WordPress Themes:

In this section, you will learn how to fix the 500 internal Server Error. If there is any, check on by using FTP client or with cPanel. At first, go to the folder of themes and then rename all the file containing folders. And it will have the access into the themes that are activated.

It will help you to deactivate the present theme that you are using. And then the default theme will get active in automatic mode and reload the site. When you are still getting the error message and that simply means that there is nothing wrong with the theme.


Here we have included all the available ways to fix 500 Internal Server Error. By applying all the solution that is provided above in details will fix the server errors. Suppose if none of the ways given in the post works out then you have to contact the hosting service provider. Hope you got for the solution of the 500 Internal Server Error, as the given solutions to the problem is applied before and works out very well.

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