Solve: Failure Configuring Windows Updates Reverting Changes Do Not Turn Off Your Computer

Normally windows run the updates, download and install the updates files automatically when the updater is switched-on. But most of the time your computer might get stuck with a page displaying updates configuration error.

In the screen it will notify you with a message of Failure configuration Windows updates reverting changes. At that time, you should not turn off your computer and this is a common problem in any computer.

Here we will be having a look on the details information to fix the Failure Configuration Windows Updates Reverting Changes.


This error is not permanent and it can be fixed, it usually happens at the time you try to install the updates of windows. And when this error occurs, the system might take 30 minutes to display the logon screen on the windows. Remember that before you go for the installation it is a smart decision to make a clean reboot.

Hence forth, it will ignore the windows getting blocked with the application and also other windows services at the time of installation.  The errors that takes place while going for the updates of windows is a temporary problem and it can be fixed.

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Methods to fix Failure Configuring Windows Updates Reverting Changes:

First Solution: Fix the error with revert or force to restart

When your computer gets stuck on the screen with errors, and then first waits patiently for the computer to revert the changes, which might take 1 to 2 hours. This solution is very beneficial at the time you find risky to do force restart, and one must have patient for this. When the reverting process is once done you must restart your computer. After that, you have to follow these steps that are mentioned below to prevent the error happening ever again on your computer.

In case, you don’t wish to wait for reverting or suppose the reverting could not fix the problem. If you are still getting the error then make an attempt to fix it by restarting your device. And suppose the restart button is not working, at that time you can shut down the system by pressing the power off button. After that you will need to keep on holding the F8 key to use the safe mode. Follow the next solution.

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Second Solution: Create the system restore point

Before you make any changes into the system of your computer, it is very necessary that you create a restore point of the system. In order to do that, launch the start menu at the first place and then perform right-click on Computer icon.

Now choose properties option, and then you will see system properties dialogue box appearing on your computer screen. After that click on the System Protection and then choose the create option.

And then provide a name for the restore point and click create button. In a while, system restore will be created by the windows and when it is complete you will receive a message. Where it says system restore point is created successfully. This is done just in case anything went wrong while performing the next steps. By that time there will be no problem to restore your system if it is needed.

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Third Step: use the windows update troubleshooter

Configuration errors can be fixed by using the built-in windows update troubleshooter on PC. Open the “control panel” and then choose “find and fix problems options” by clicking on it.

Into the next screen, you will have to click on “Fix problems with Windows Update” that is below System and Security settings.

And in the windows update, tick on the box of Apply repairs automatically and click on Next option.

Now you will see a message into your computer screen where it mentions Troubleshooting has complete.

And you note that by now all the problems that are found are all fixed.

Fourth Solution: Fix the problem by deleting the windows update cache

In this solution, we are going to delete the windows update cache that will solve the errors. At first, you will need to turn off the services. If not the windows will not give you the access for deleting the cache files or the folders.

After that click on the start button and then go for the search box. Now type “sevices.msc” and then press the Enter key. Into the windows update properties window, click on General and then choose the stop option.

Not only that, you will also require to stop the “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”. In the same manner, you have stopped the update service of windows. Just after that, open location of the C drive of the installed files of windows.

And then open the windows folder location and after that the software distribution folder. Now you will have to delete all the data stored files and folders by getting the access of administrator permission. There is nothing to be worried about deleting the files as even after you delete it will not erase the previous files that are installed.

By this time, the problem will be fixed and the configuration errors of the windows updates will be solved.


We have concluded the solutions, how to fix the failure configuration windows updates reverting changes. If you are using windows vista then you can ignore this problem by installing the update of the windows.

At this time, simply install the versions that are available and compatible with your windows operating system. And in case, your device system is stuck into never ending reboot loop. Then you must either use the safe mode or get an access into options of Advance boots.

To fix the failed configuration error all you need to do is launch command prompt. And then go for the system restore and choose the option Automatic repair. Always remember that if you did not create a restore point previously then you must go the reinstallation option.

For that go for the options of windows media file installation methods that include DVD or USB Drive. In this way you can easily reinstall your computer OS.

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