Dual-engine air-cooling Lenovo Legion Y90 gaming phone is Launching on January 1

New year, new phones Nearly all smartphone brands will launch their phones within the first week. But Lenovo plans to go one better and schedule the launch of its new gaming device on the very first of 2022. The company announced the arrival of its Legion Y90 gaming smartphone on January 1 through a Weibo poster.

The Legion Y90 will be joining Lenovo’s line of gaming products under its Legion brand. The Legion brand is well-known for its high-end gaming laptops and accessories. Now, with smartphones, the company wants to reach mobile gamers. This phone will be available in China first, so we’ll have to wait for announcements about India.

Lenovo will offer a 6.92 inch E4 AMOLED screen at a refresh rate 144Hz and touch sampling rates of 720Hz to entice them. HDR support will be available, which will allow games to run at higher graphics and look better. The display of the phone will be independent colour-calibrated. It will also have anti-blue protection to ensure that gamers are able to spend more time with it without worrying about their eyes.

Lenovo also confirmed that the Legion Y90 would come with a dual engine air-cooled system. However, it didn’t explain how this system will work. This may be an upgraded version the dual turbocharged liquidcooled active-passive, mid-mounted cooling system found in the Legion 2 Pro. We may find out more at the January 1 launch event. However, right now we only know from a company employee that the phone can run 120fps games for 20-30 mins without becoming too hot. A screenshot of a temperature widget was shared by him. It shows the frame rate at 122Hz and temperature at 38.9 degrees Celsius.

Other than this information, Lenovo has not yet revealed any other details. It will, however, speak at length about the new Legion Y90 smartphone at the upcoming event.

The Lenovo phone is a strong competitor to the Asus ROG Phone 5 which was released earlier in the year. However, performance-wise the Legion Y90 might be faster because Lenovo will use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor inside the phone. The ROG Phone 5 uses Snapdragon 888. It also means that Legion Y90 will become Lenovo’s most expensive model in its gaming phone range.

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