Download PokeMesh APK Real time map 10.6.1 Android Latest Version For Free

Every one familiar with the term virtual reality game and “Pokémon Go” is one of its popular games in worldwide. To play Pokémon Go game there are several apps that is open sources app available for your Smartphone. PokeMesh is an excellent app and is in fact Pokémon radar that helps you to scan the nearby Pokémon in your area. By using this app you will be able to catch all the creatures of the virtual reality world without giving much of effort. Now you don’t have to keep on roaming across the streets of your city and look for Pokémon to catch. PokeMesh APK Download is available for free as non-market source for your selected Android device.

Pokemesh app works very incredibly and it helps you to display the exact location of the Pokémon.  Easily find out the poke stops or gyms which are around your area displayed as blue and yellow dots.  Whenever any Pokémon appears on any streets of your locality or city it will get displayed with an icon or location name. So, this makes easy for you to search and discover Pokémon even when you are at home. And then simply go out to the location where PokeMesh display the creature of the Pokémon world and catch it instantly. Now you don’t have to wait for any longer period of time, just spending it wasting looking for Pokémon.

The best things about PokeMesh app is that you can easily capture any Pokémon that are found in your area. It involves several list of Pokémon and allows you to put a mark on the Pokémon that you are looking for in the map. PokeMesh saves you both time and energy and is absolutely free to use, no subscription charges is included. Speaking of the features of this app, you can create alarms which will notify you your favorite Pokémon that appears in your place.

Interesting features of PokeMesh:

Pokémon Go is among the most trending game available in the internet at this moment. It will take you to an adventure of the virtual reality world of Pokémon where you have catch and level it up. Speaking of the features of Poke Mesh it brings tons of it in the Pokémon App. Here we have made a list of it you can check them out.

  • Map:

With the help of the map of PokeMesh you can search for gyms as it will display gyms on map. And pokestops will be displayed on the map to make your gameplay easy than ever. Map makes easy for you to find out the rare pokemons and catch them in your location.

  • Stock icons:

By using the stock icons, there will a censor mark which will be applied due to the Nintendos copyrights.

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  • Relax Mode:

When the relax mode is turned on, each time you close the Pokemesh there is a background component which will get started. And then a notification will appear which will show the current running, the relax mode will scan the location time to time. It will show you all the available and nearby Pokemon creatures in the game. This makes an easy work for you to catch any Pokémon roaming around your place.


Turn on the vibration mode which will enable the vibration for relax mode notifications.


It is the delay time that is set between one scan to another, and the more frequently scans will automatically increase the consumption of the battery and usage of data.

Quick Go:

Tap for a long time on the location icon and then it will quickly launch the Pokémon Go on your selected device.


When you tweak these values it will make an affect in the time and each scan must get completed.

Show on Map:

This feature will ask for your decision whether to show or not the Pokemon on the Map.


It will show you the notifications if there are any Pokémon available nearby. And then you can check them out instantly and go catch them without wasting any more of your time.

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How to Download PokeMesh on your Android Phone?

Before we begin, there are few things that you have to know about PokeMesh App. Always remember that, PokeMesh is not officially available to download on Google Play Store or App store. So far, PokeMesh is only available to download as third party applications for Android device. Check out the instructions that are suggested below and follow them step-wise.

  • First Step: To download PokeMesh Apk file on your phone, you have to visit the file source website.

Click Here to visit.

  • Second Step: As soon as you visit this website, you will see there is a download option, just “Click” on it.
  • Third Step: Now wait for a moment until the file download is completed on your phone.

When it is done you will receive a notification where it shows file download is complete successfully. In the next section, we will share information with you regarding the installation procedure of PokeMesh which is easy and simple.

How to Install PokeMesh APK on Smartphone?

To install PokeMesh Apk on your device you will have to make some changes into the settings. If you don’t make any changes into the behavior of your device then you will not be able to install this app. So, it is necessary to change the settings on your phone to install any non-market apps or sources outside the Play Store.

[APK file is a source file that is available in the form of non-market or third parts app. So, it is necessary to make changes into the settings of your device. If not then, you will not be able to Install PokeMesh and use it on your phone.]

  • First Step: At first, go to the settings of your phone. And then open the Lock and security settings as you see on the display of your device.
  • Second Step: Now scroll the page and then go to security where you will find security option.
  • Third Step: Tap on the “Unknown sources” which will allow the installation of sources outside from Google Play Store.
  • Fourth Step: Now return to the destination folder where you have stored the downloaded “PokeMesh APK”.
  • Fifth Step: Tap on the PokeMesh APK, and then you will receive “install” option. Select it, and then installation process will begin shortly.

In this way, you have successfully installed the PokeMesh APK on your selected device. Open the file to launch it instantly on your phone.

Final words:

It is time to catch all the available Pokémon in the game and level up your favorite creature in Pokemon Go. Make the game more interesting and fun to play with PokeMesh App and with its tons features. The best thing about this application tool is you can find out any rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go game. And here you will find the Pokémon which you were looking for a longer period of time. Since, PokeMesh App is not available to download on Google Play Store due to some reason. We strongly suggest you to download and install PokeMesh Apk today and enjoy the game Pokémon Go like anything else before.

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