OG Youtube.apk Download Latest Version for Android

OG YouTube is the custom version of YouTube that helps you to download videos directly to your device storage. You can also say that OG YouTube is the modified version, which was developed by OG Mods for the Smartphone Users. However, one thing we want to tell you that OG YouTube is not available in Google Play to download free. As a result, we have decided to tell you the simple way to download latest OG YouTube Apk App free on your Android phones and tablets. We hope this guide will provide you the perfect step by step guidelines to use the OG app with all its features. Generally, by default, we get the YouTube app pre-installed on our phone for free. This app also contains many important, old, latest and trending videos to watch for free. However, the negative point is that you cannot download them in your phone storage as only you can save it to watch for offline.


Depending on these situations, developers have introduced this OG YouTube Apk to download and install in your Android devices. Some of the users are there who may know the steps and trick to download and install Apk file in their phone or tablet. Rather than that, if you do not have any ideas then go through the content below to have a complete solution about it from there. The installation of app Apk file is quite different from the app to direct install from the Google Play. Now a day most of the Android users are feeling free to use the OG YouTube app instead of using general YouTube app. As you will get more features to download videos and convert them into audio as well using the OG YouTube app.  According to the user rating, this app also gets a rating of 4.3 out of 5 Stars. Without taking more time let us proceed to the next point now.

How to download latest OG YouTube APK app free?

Hope you are already getting eager to know about how to download latest OG YouTube Apk free. If you have the idea to download it from the early time then apply it accordingly. Otherwise, follow the step by step procedure which is given below to download OG YouTube free.

Step 1: At the first user needs to keep the phone ready with the proper internet connection to get hassle-free download process. You can use mobile data, or Wi-Fi to download the Apk from the Web.

Step 2: In this step after connecting your device with the internet. Now, you need to download apk file of the app. We have given a link to download the latest APK file of OG Youtube.

[Click here to download the latest version of OG YouTube Apk File]

Click on the download link given above and choose the location to store the Apk file on your phone.

Step 3: Hence, the downloading process will start accordingly on your phone and wait until it will be completed successfully. Now get ready for the next step i.e. the installation steps from the points given below.

How to install latest OG YouTube APK app free?

Hope you have downloaded the OG YouTube Apk app successfully in your phone. If you are done with, the download steps then proceed to the installation steps from the points given below. Read the steps carefully and apply the same in your phone to get the proper result.

Step 1: At first, we want to clear you that it is not possible to install Apk file in your phone according to the default settings. Thus to allow the installation of Apk file in your system you need to give the permission to open the phone Settings. From the phone settings, you need to navigate to the Privacy and Security menu and find the option Unknown Sources. Make sure you have enabled the Unknown Sources option or Strikethrough it to enable. If it is already enabled then leave it as it is.

Step 2: Now after granting the permission to install the Apk file on your phone, you need to open the file folder where the Apk file is saved after downloading.

Step 3: In this step, you need to click on that Apk file and thus the pop-up window shows in your screen. In that screen, you need to choose Install button to start up the Installation process. Once the process will start, you will need to grant some permission to the app to access your phone memory. Once you will grant all these permissions, then the installed will be done accordingly in your phone.

Step 4:  After successfully completing the installation process, the app icon will be created in your App menu or home screen.

Step 5: Click on the launcher app icon from the main screen and follow the on-screen information to start up the app. Now enjoy all the special features of downloading videos directly through this app on your phone.


Features of OG YouTube Apk file:

If you are completely done with, the downloading and installation step of the OG YouTube Apk file then proceed to know about the features of OG YouTube app. Before using the OG YouTube app on your phone, it is very necessary to know about the features of this app clearly. It will help you to grab the information about it in all sense.

  • The user can open and stream any YouTube videos, which are available generally with updates in this app.
  • This app supports to watch the videos from the size of 144p up to the 1080p i.e. in HD resolution as well.
  • As a music player, also you can play the videos in the background using the OG YouTube app.
  • This app has come up with the integrated download manager to download the videos directly on your phone.
  • You can convert the videos into music and download them instantly in your phone.
  • It has special privacy features to control your search history and many more.
  • It has no annoying ads so you can enjoy uninterrupted video playing through this app.
  • This app comes with a user-friendly interface to use it in a pleasant way.
  • OG YouTube has consumed less space in your phone and run very first as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Latest OG YouTube Apk App:

Some of the frequently asked questions and answers by the users are given below to solve the primary doubts and confusions about it. Read out the questions as well as the answers below to clear pout those confusions now.

Q: How to download videos from OG YouTube in our phone?

A: It is very much easy to download videos from OG YouTube on your phone. Like you need to open the app first and then search for your needful video. Open or Play the videos in the app and near to the streaming line, you will see the download button. Click on that button and choose the resolution to start the download process.

Q: How much space needed in the phone to install this OG YouTube Apk?

A: Minimum 50 MB of the free space needed to install this app completely on your phone.

Q: What is the latest version of OG YouTube app?

A:  The latest version of OG YouTube Apk is 12.10.60-3.5U. There are many versions available in web free. So select the up-to-date version which is present there while you are downloading this Apk on your phone.

Q: Does this app require any root in the Android device to install the OG YouTube App.

A: No, this app does not require any rooting process to install it on any Android phone.

Q: From which Android version, does this App get support?

A: User can easily install this app from the Android version 4.1 and later as well.


Finally, we want to tell you that these are all about the content to download latest OG YouTube Apk App free on the Android phone. Hope you all are satisfied with the information given here to download, install and features of OG YouTube app. According to our view, till now this app is the best app to stream and download the YouTube videos in the easiest way you can. So feel free to download this app in your Android device and enjoy the latest videos by downloading them on your phone. Follow the step by step guidelines which are given on the above points and apply the same to get the successful result in your device. If you like this content then please share this with your friends and social profiles too so that we can help others to enjoy the best out of YouTube.

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