How To Download Minecraft For PC Free?

If you like playing online multiplayer games than you might have heard about this addictive game Minecraft which is available on many of the OS platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Playstations, Xbox, etc. Minecraft is a sandbox indie game developed and published by Mojang. Minecraft is a fantastic game that mixes creativity, survival, and exploration. In this article we will be discussing how to download Minecraft for PC but before that lets get to know this addictive game and its gameplay.

Gameplay of Minecraft for PC

Mine craft is an open world game with no specific goal to be accomplished. Basically its a first person game but player can also play it in third person mode. This game allows player to build construction out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Player have to explore, gather resources, crafting and combat. At first the player is placed on the procedurally generated virtually infinite surface. This world contains plains, mountains, forests, caves, etc. This game follows day night cycle. During this game player come across various characters called mobs including animals villagers and hostile creatures. Player may hunt them for various purposes like food and crafting materials.

This game features two alternate dimensions apart the main world- the nether and The End.

The Nether looks somewhat like hell and is used for travelling for long distances and is generated by portals. 

The End Is a barren land in which the dragon named Ender Dragon dwells. By killing the dragon cues the game’s end credits. There are also 2 other boss The Wither and The Guardian.

Game Modes of Minecraft for PC:

There are multiple game modes available in this game like,

Survival Mode: In this mode player must gather resources to build and manage their health and hunger

Creative Mode: In this mode player i given with the unlimited resources to build an d ability to fly.

Adventure Mode: In this mode players can create custom maps for other players to play.

Multiplayer Mode: This game also features multiplayer option using player hosted servers and enables multiple users to play together and interact with each other.

This game have received many awards which includes game developer s choice awards, innovation award, best downloadable game award and best debuted game awards in 2011from independent games festival. Minecraft have also won audience award and seumas McNally grand prize in 2012. This game have also been awarded as golden joystick award in the genre of downloadable games.

 So this was all about the game and gameplay of this time killing game, minecraft Now you might be wondering that this game is available on multiple platforms  so is it available for you PC or not ?? right?? Unfortunately, its not available in PC version but we will be guiding you with step by step instruction on how to install and run this addictive game on your PC using emulators.

Download Minecraft game for your PC using BlueStack:

Here are the steps to use Bluestacks to easily install Minecraft on your PC.

  • First of all you need to install Bluestacks.

Download Bluestack

  • This Emulator will provide you the ability to run your .apk applications on your PC easily.
  • Installing the Bluestacks is simple and you just need to click “next-next”.
  • Now you need to download the .apk for Minecraft game.
  • You can either download tis game form Google or you can use bluestacks search bar and Search for “Minecraft” which will download game directly.
  • Follow the instruction given in the screen and install the game.
  • After successful installation of the game, you can scroll to the “All App” options. Search for the Minecraft and click to play.
  • This will help you guys to launch the game and you will easily be able to play and explore all the features right from your PC.


This was a complete tutorial on gameplay and features of Minecraft for PC. So wat are you guys waiting for start exploring the world of Minecraft and if face any problem while installing or playing this game contact us we will guide you and will help you in the best possible way we can.

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