How to Create and Remove Microsoft Account From Windows 10?

All the Windows users know that there is one default Admin account present in your PC created while installing Windows OS. Now somebody wants to create the secondary local account on their PC for normal purpose. But secondary account does not have all the rights to access like Admin Account. So when you don’t need any account to access then you can delete that from control panel. No need to worry about this function because this is very simple and easy to perform on Windows 10. Now you can get to know how to create and delete user account in Windows 10 PC.

new user account in windows 10

In this topic you can get the total three ways to create and delete the user accounts by applying some simple steps on your PC. These steps can easily be applied by the beginner computer users as well as the experts too. If you delete the Unused accounts from your PC it will definitely free space from the hard disk drive. Thus it lesser down the burden upon your RAM and make it free to speed up your PC. Let’s check out the below procedures to perform the user accounts managing operations with Windows 10.

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Procedure to Create and Delete User Accounts in Windows 10:

Here we will talk about three procedures which is very simple and easier way to create and delete user accounts in Windows 10. So try to apply the same on your PC to apply it completely.

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Procedure 1: Using Control Panel

To Create and Delete User Accounts in Windows 10 you must to follow the below provided steps. These steps are very easy to doing this.

  • After starting your PC click on Start Button and search for Control Panel.
  • Click on the Control Panel icon then the control panel Window will open.
  • Now choose the User Accounts category.

  • Here just select Remove user Accounts.  Now choose what you want to change.

  • Now you can delete or remove accounts from your PC. If you want to add new user account then on the bottom of the same screen you can see on option that Add a new user in PC settings.

  • Now automatically your PC settings will open and you can get another option Add someone else to this PC.

That’s all and you can add new user by providing user name and password.

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Procedure 2: Using Manage tool in This PC

You also can do the same things using manage tool. Just follow the provided steps

  • From Desktop Right click on This PC or My Computer and select the option Manage.
  • The computer management window will open in which you need to open or expand System Tools -> Local Users and groups -> Users -> Select new user to create new user account on Windows 10 PC.
  • Now expand the Users folder -> Select account and right click on it to set the password, rename account, delete etc. 

So using this technique you can create account, delete, rename and manage your new account easily. That’s all you are done now.

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Procedure 3: Using Command Prompt

This is another procedure which is some advanced method and simple to perform this step on Windows PC.

  • For this trick you have to open the command prompt window of your PC.
  • Press Windows button + X and you can get one pop up menu where you can find one option Command Prompt (Admin).

  • Click on that option your command prompt window as an admin will open instantly. Now simply type net user ABCD /add, hence one user account with name ABCD will add or created for Win 10.
  • Now type net user ABCD [email protected], hence for account ABCD you have set the password “[email protected] Type net user ABCD /delete to delete the ABCD user account from Win 10 PC.

Final Word

So these are all the great techniques which are already tested and verified in Windows 10 Operating System. Any Windows 10 users can easily perform these steps on their PC using above procedures. Hope you all get the total details about how to create and delete user accounts in Windows 10 PC. If any user feels it difficult also then please don’t try this procedure by your own. Try to consult with some of the computer experts and take help from them to manage your user accounts safely. This procedure slightly may vary with different Windows versions. So these above three procedures are given only for Windows 10 only.

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