BGMI Announces The Availability Of Squid Games- New Update Is Here

Following the last update in November that introduced an arcane-inspired Mirror World theme, new gameplay features, and much more, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has received the latest update for December 1.8. The update includes a game mode that is a Squid Game game-like modeand includes six of the existing game modes into the game. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

BGMI React Survival Mode

Krafton has introduced a brand-new React Survival game mode in BGMI The mode is modelled on Squid Game. Red Light, Green Light game from the enormously loved Netflix television series Squid Game. Players can play the game mode by going to the Arcade section of BGMI.

In this brand new mode, players don blue tracksuits that have different numbering as they participate in an exciting game called the Red Light, Green Light game from the cult Kdrama show. Instead of the creepy school girl dolls from Squid Game, BGMI players have to make sure they do not get caught by a huge Rabbit and get to the goal line in order to be victorious in the game. There will be three rounds during the game, each of which has an established timer. The round will be over when the timer has expired.


In addition, BGMI players will also be able create an exclusive lobby where they can play the game of children with their peers.

Returning Game Modes in BGMI

Apart from other than the React Survival mode, Krafton has announced that it will return six loved game modes of BGMI which include it’s Metro Royale mode, Survive Till Dawn mode, Virus Infection mode, Heavy Machine Gun 2.0 mode and The Rune Theme mode. Its name for the sixth option is undetermined. However, it is true that the Metro Royal mode is already active, other modes will be re-opening in the the coming days.

In addition, Krafton has added the new Mythic RPM6 themed for winter that began to go live on the 20th of December and will remain accessible until January 17 2022. In the period players can obtain The Snow Santa Monster set, Snow Santa Monster UAZ, and the Frozen Guardian set. These sets can be purchased by using 360UC, the royale pass that 360UC (the game’s currency).

The latest BGMI Update 1.8 is now rolling out to Android as well as iOS users. If you’re an BGMI lover you can download the game through either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to get the latest modes of BGMI. Which of these modes do you feel looking forward to? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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