Best Ways to Get Free Diamonds In Garena Free Fire : Valuable Tips

Diamonds are FreeFire’s top in-game currency. It’s a key component in the battle royale game since it’s necessary to purchase a vast array of items in the game like figurines, characters, collectibles and many more.

It can be obtained by buying them using real money. For certain gamers diamonds are too costly, since they are looking for low-cost ways to gain the currency in game. However paying for money is not an option for everyone else and they look for alternatives that are free.

How can I get cheap or free diamonds Free Fire

Alternatives to the price

Free Fire players can wait for events like a 100 100% top up bonuses or the Less Is More for relatively cheap diamonds. But, these events are not very common and can be added occasionally in the games.

However they could also make the most of memberships to obtain diamonds for less. The benefits and costs of every membership are like this:

Weekly Membership – INR 159

    • A total of 350 diamonds (100 immediately, 50 per day over the next seven days) Price for each diamond is 0.353 INR.
    • Other rewards include 425 diamonds. It also includes the EP badge.

Monthly Membership – INR 799

      • 2600 diamonds (500 immediately, 70 over within the next thirty days) Price one diamond 0.307 INR.
      • Other rewards include 3550 diamonds, which includes a gun skin per 30 days, and the 60 badges for EP.

If the players have both memberships in good standing, they will receive another 15 diamonds per day for the duration of this offer.

Memberships are also more affordable than the 100 percent diamond top-up. But, members will need wait for a full month to receive all of the diamonds.

Free diamonds

Finding diamonds for free takes an amount of time and effort. People can easily depend on apps such as Google Opinion Rewards. It has more than 50 million installations in Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Users will have to create a profile in the app and complete surveys to accumulate the necessary Google Play credits to purchase the diamonds that are included in Free Fire.

It could be difficult to get the credits directly to top up. So, it is possible to be waiting to wait for Special Airdrops as these are offered at a lower price and have a significantly higher value.

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