Top 5 Best Messaging App For Android & iOS Free Download

With the increase of modern technology and daily works people also need to communicate each other. Messaging application make an easy work for the people to stay in touch with anyone in worldwide. Texting with people saves your talk time balance and time as well, as most of the time we are not in a condition to talk with our friends or colleagues or family. In that time messaging application plays an important role in your Smartphone and help you handle the situations. Not only that you make video calls or talk with your friends even you are far away from home. Messaging make you feels like you are meeting with people everyday even they are not nearby. But you might be having difficulties on finding out the best messaging app for your Android device.

If you are looking for the best messaging App list then you have landed on the right page. Messaging apps is free to use and there is no limitation of sending text messages to your contact list. They come out with unique features that make your everyday and social network life easy to tackle. Here we will be discussing with you the list of best messaging app for your Android device. Check out each details of the Messaging app for android free download provided below in brief.

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5 Best messaging App for Android:

1: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular and top rated app. It deserves to be on the first place on the list among the best messaging app. using this app you will be able to reach any people those who are active on Facebook. Send unlimited number of text messages using the Facebook Messenger that is totally free. Get involve into the group chats of Facebook to have more fun in your life.

Send sticks or funny emojis or media files and images as well by using the Facebook messenger App. Not only that you can also make free calls and send the messenger voice note too. Send your location in messenger and check on the typing or sent or seen messages in the chat room of Facebook messenger app.

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2: WhatsApp

Most of the people are seen using WhatsApp and the user has been increasing day after goes by. It is perhaps a reliable messaging app that provides you secure messaging services. Make a video calls or voice calls to the one who are close with WhatsApp in your android phone. It features end-to-end encryption that the security settings are set as default. Keep in touch with all the friends by adding them in a group and have unlimited conversation.

Share beautiful moments that you have capture in the form images in your phone, simply by sending them in a private message to your contact list in whatsApp. Apart from that also send important file documents like PDF file with your family and co-workers. Connect your phone with your PC using the WhatsApp web mode and do whatsApp in a big screen.

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3: Viber

Why Android device user must viber messaging application on their phone? It is completely free to use you can send as much text as you want in viber. Send photos or videos to your friends or family which makes the app more fun to use. Connect people by making video calls and voice calls using 3G internet connection.

Keep in contact with the people you love the most wherever they are, from every corner of the world. In to the Group you are allowed to add more than 250 people once at a time for the conversations. Hide the chat rooms in viber which you want to keep as private, and you can get an access into it later on even after hiding the chat.

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4: Line

Line is a free and powerful messaging application that comes with fast message delivering functions. Send text messages at any time or any place you want in a single chat or group chat. High quality of video and voice calls with Line is totally free, no charges is included. Make your conversation more fun by adding stickers while you are texting in the chat room.

Send any photos or videos and even record voice note to send it to your Line users in your chat list. Check on the latest news and then the special coupons from the popular artist and lots more.

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5: Google Hangouts

It brings to you lots of exciting features such as video calls, phone calls and lost more. Create a group of you own in the Google hangouts and then add people you want. It is a fastest way to keep in contact with your friends as it comes with unlimited text messaging limits. Set a status in your Google hangouts profile and make your conversation more interesting with stickers, animation GIFs and emojis.

Not only group chatting, you can also create a group of video call with at least 10 people of your contact list. Make a connection with your Google voice account to perform calls, send text messages along with the voicemail integration options. Even if the user of Google hangouts in your contact list is offline, you can still send them text messages and you can check the status of the delivery messages.

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By now you have learnt the names of the messaging app that comes with impressive features. This 5 best messaging app that is listed above is available to download for free from Google Play Store. Pick any of the messaging app for your android device and install them today in your phone. Enjoy the free services of making video calls with your friends, family and co-workers, at any time and any moment you wish too.  Using these best messaging text app for android has no limitation and totally free to use, no charges is taken for using the messaging application. Send you current location, check delivery or seen time and also see the other person is typing or not in your messenger chat room.

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