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Do you love to listen to music in your leisure period? In fact, it is obvious everyone loves listening to music in their free time or even while doing work like listening to their favorite songs and grooving along with the songs while you are in a good mood and even if you are in a tension mood as well. Music can help us to improve our skills as well as take away all our stress easily. Moreover, since it is the generation of technology, we all love to use a laptop, mobile, iPod where we store all our favorite music, this way we can listen to music wherever we want.

However, sometimes it is difficult for downloading free music from different sites. Apart from that, they don’t provide good quality of music and in between with the pop-ups ads, it’s kind of annoying. Therefore, if you are looking for the free music download apps for your Android device, then these lists of free music apps for Android can help you out. We have picked our best 10 free music download apps for Android which is free of cost. In fact, there are many awesome android apps available in Play Store. So, let us go straight to the main topic of free music download apps for Android of 2017.

Free Music Download Apps for Android:

  1. Shazam:

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular music apps. This app has been used and downloaded by millions of people from across the world. Shazam allows us to listen, discover, and share to your friends for free of cost. Furthermore, it comes with lots of features like you can identify new music with one tap; can sing along to songs along with provided lyrics or even watch videos; preview all the songs and add them to your Spotify playlists; it can also play music through offline and can identify new music even if you are not connected. In addition to that, the user can also buy all Shazam songs in Google Play Music with just one tap, this is an amazing music app must try out on your Android device.


  1. Sound Cloud:

Here comes Sound Cloud, the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform app for Android. It has more than 150 millions tracks that you can listen to all your favorite songs easily. In Sound Cloud, you can discover all the new artists and professional musicians, who constantly upload their new music. Sound Cloud comes with lots of features in it like the user can discover, share and listen to all the emerging artists and established artists’ songs. Not only that, you can also listen and discover music from each genre whether it is the newest and the hottest tracks. You can also connect it to your friends, communicate with them and also create playlists for parties and much more for free of cost.

Sound Cloud

  1. Google Play Music:

Google Play Music allows you to access over millions of songs and creates your perfect playlists for every mood you want to hear. It has stored for over 50,000 songs for free and also starts for free of costs. Listen to all your favorite artist’s songs and much more.  This app is the best one where you can download music for free on your Android device easily and listen to them wherever you are and whenever you want to. This app has been downloaded by millions of people around the world and loved by them. Therefore, try out this app on your device and listen to all your favorite songs of every genre for free.

Google Play Music

  1. Musixmatch Lyrics:

Musixmatch lyrics are considered as the world’s largest collection of song lyrics which is used by the millions of people across the globe. Musixmatch Lyrics allows you to get access instantly to all the synchronized lyrics from YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora and much more for free. It comes with many features in it like you can enjoy song lyrics along with music from Spotify and more. You can also learn new languages easily by displaying the translation of the lyrics; you can search for your favorite songs by title, artists or even just by using one single line of lyrics.

Musixmatch Lyrics

  1. Gaana:

Gaana is a one stop solution for all music lovers. It offers you unlimited access to all your favorite songs on your mobile device wherever you are. This app provides you different genre of music like Hindi, Bollywood, Regional and Radio Mirchi as well. It has over 10 million Mp3 songs; you can save all your favorite songs, playlists, albums and artists easily. Apart from that, you can also enjoy listening songs to Non-stop Radio stations; you can also experience songs in 9 different languages and also enjoy music even in black and white theme as well.


  1. Saavn:

Saavn also offers the user unlimited music for free of costs. It comes in a different genre of music which includes Bollywood, English, Hindi, and Indian Regional songs no matter where you are, take your music and listen to them whenever you want to. Apart from that, you can also find all your favorite songs and listen to them; share them and also create your own playlists for every mood you want to hear.


  1. JioMusic:

JioMusic provides to the user unlimited music with no ads for free of cost and in your favorite language. You can listen and download to all your favorite music for free and listen to them anytime and anywhere you are. It contains with more than 1 crore songs which are covering from across all languages, genre, moods and artists as well. This app provides the user high quality of music with full HD; create your own playlists based on the artists, moods, genre and much more.


  1. Wynk:

Wynk is the India’s largest music streaming app, where you can download and enjoy listening to all your favorite music for free. It covers all genres like Bollywood, Pop, Rock, Rap, Bhangra, Devotional, and much more. In addition to that, you can also listen to other regional languages like Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Marathi and much more. Wynk app has over 3 million songs covers in 12 different languages; create your own playlists and store on your device easily and also it saves your data up to 70% and enjoys listening to your favorite music non-stop even on the slow network connection.


  1. HungamaMusic:

HungamaMusic gives access to listen to unlimited music online and can also download them for free of cost. It comes in different genres like Bollywood, Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi more. This app covers over 3.5 million songs and videos from Bollywood, Hindi and much more;  you can also find music that matches according to your moods; watch new music videos and also view new lyrics and sing along with it. In addition to, download any music with high-quality audio free of cost.


  1. Songflip:

Songflip is also the best music player where you can listen to all your favorite music for free of costs. In fact, you can also download them and listen to anytime and anywhere you go. It has over millions of free songs which is available online; discover some of the popular hit songs according to the genre right from hip-hop, mixtapes, EDM and much more. You can also create your own playlists and listen to all your favorite songs whenever you want to.



These are the best 10 Free Music Download apps for Android. Even though there are plenty of android apps which are available on the internet, these are our few picks of free music apps through which you can listen to all your favorite songs easily. However, every app has different features and few contain ads free and few are paid version as well. But don’t stress yourself just grab the opportunity and enjoy your music on your device and dance along with your songs.

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